This little blogger got some luxury – The Travel Hack

This little blogger got a little luxury - Travel Hacks

I’m one of the few travel bloggers who doesn’t claim to “love” cheap travel. I know it’s a smart option if he wants to travel for a long time, but he wants to enjoy 5-star luxury wherever he goes if he has the money.

I’m not ashamed to say that I like a king-sized bed with a thick, marshmallow-like duvet and feather pillows. For breakfast he likes that he can choose from 15 different teas (although I’ve only had English breakfast tea and he’s only had tea). I also like the extra room in business class (I’ve only flown business class a few times, but a girl can dream of it happening again.)

Unfortunately, I don’t really enjoy these little luxuries because I also like having money in my bank account. But recently I was lucky enough to take two pretty luxurious trips. And since we all love a little travel porn, I thought I’d show off my luxury panty hotel. Because it may be a very long time before we can see something so wonderful again. Travel hack.

Hotel Verhaegen in Ghent

This little blogger got a little luxury - Travel Hacks

This 17th century mansion is currently owned by an interior designer and includes a design studio and four stunning rooms. They have meticulously restored the mansion to its former glory, ensuring that it is respectfully preserved. They have managed to create a stunningly modern yet ancient mansion that feels like stepping into another world, while still having its feet firmly planted in Ghent. The mansion is full of artwork, which is for sale if you want to buy it, but the hotel feels much more like a grand, luxurious mansion than a hotel art gallery.

In the words of the owner, “We don’t have customers, just friends.” We need to have more friends like this.

This little blogger got a little luxury - Travel Hacks

Breakfast at Hotel Verhagen

Breakfast was probably the highlight of the trip and the common saying that food tastes better when eaten with silver is true. My scrambled eggs have never tasted this good.

Read more about my trip to Ghent here.

Sheraton Porto Hotel and Spa

This little blogger got a little luxury - Travel Hacks

Yes, I stole toiletries every day. Now I have a cupboard full of small mouthwashes

This hotel will be the venue for your next TBU conference, bringing a luxurious atmosphere to your conference. In reality, this is more like a wave than a splash.

During my pre-conference inspection visit, I had a truly pampering experience at a very nice spa with a full body scrub and massage. Over the next few days, my skin would often be found caressing my arms as if they were made of cashmere. If I win the lottery, I’m going to hire a body scrubber full time, so it’s always like this!

The best thing about the hotel? Mini cakes and pastries delivered to your door before bed. Perfect for a midnight feast!

Disclaimer: My trip to Ghent was sponsored by Visit Flanders and my trip to Porto was sponsored by Travel Bloggers Unite. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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