This is murderous: Russian tourists expect a shock at the border with Finland

It's murderous: Russian tourists expect a shock on the border with Finland

For the first time, there will be a murderous murder on the border between Finland and Russia – this is how tourists commented on their expectations from the latest lifting of the ban for trips from the Russian side. From July 15 – next Friday – Russia will remove all covid restrictions on the borders – and everyone is sure that the Russians will rush to Finland by land, and because of the pandemonium on the border they will experience a real shock.

Although there are no problems the entrance will obviously be more. Petersburg travel agencies are already hoping to resume the flow of tourists to Finland and have launched the process of preparing Russian tourists. However, against the backdrop of anti-Russian policy in the world, the situation has seriously changed for the worse.

Firstly, it is still not clear whether residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region will retain the opportunity to apply for a visa under a simplified scheme. It's also unclear if day shopping tours will work.

The latter, however, poses a more serious problem. It is unclear how Russian shopping tourists can pay for purchases and services in Finland, as Russian bank cards are subject to sanctions restrictions.

Sane tourists say they will wait for now.

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