There has never been such a huge demand for permanent residence: it is told how to obtain Turkish citizenship in 2022

There has never been such a huge demand for permanent residence: it is told how to obtain Turkish citizenship in 2022

“There are many people who want to move to Turkey for permanent residence, and Turkey issues citizenship for a relatively small investment. People are in a hurry before these rules are lifted,” according to a blogger living in Turkey, a Turkish realtor from a “well-known real estate agency” commented that in 2022 foreigners are actively processing transactions to obtain Turkish citizenship. In her blog on Yandex.Zen, she also described to those who wish “what advantages Turkish citizenship has, how you can get it, where to start”

The blogger outlined the following advantages:

  • it is not necessary to renounce primary citizenship (Turkey allows dual citizenship);
  • declaring income and property in the country of second citizenship is not required;
  • visa-free travel with 111 countries;
  • issuance of a Schengen visa for 10 years under a simplified scheme;
  • the right to official employment;
  • the right to state benefits and voting in elections;
  • the ability to easily apply for a visa an investor in the US (E-2) and a UK business visa;
  • inheritance of citizenship and passports for all family members.

Inspired by these prospects, she painted several possible ways to obtain the coveted citizenship of a free Turkey:

Citizenship by investments: The blogger states that this is “the easiest way to get Turkish citizenship in 2022.” True, for this it is necessary to invest from $ 250 thousand in real estate or open a deposit in a Turkish bank for at least $ 500 thousand. “After that, you can immediately submit documents. Usually, the registration procedure takes from 6 to 9 months,” the blogger writes. She also draws attention to “important points when buying real estate for citizenship”:

  • you can invest $250 thousand in one large or several small objects;
  • you can buy not only apartments , but also commercial real estate (offices, restaurants, warehouses, etc.), as well as land plots;
  • the value of objects is not estimated at the market value, but at the official cadastral value indicated in the TAPU (document confirming ownership);
  • the owner has to sell the property only after 3 years, otherwise he will be deprived of citizenship.
  • the investor gets the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship for a family: that is, together with a spouse and minor children.

If there is a problem with investments and “if there is no hurry”, there are other, less expensive ones – at least financially – ways to get Turkish citizenship. The blogger, as they say, recommends:

  1. Marriage. A spouse from another country can apply for Turkish citizenship 3 years after the official marriage. Before starting the paperwork, you must pass an interview in Turkish and answer a number of questions (including everyday ones) and thereby confirm that the marriage is not fictitious.
  2. Official employment. After working for 5 years in Turkey, you can apply for citizenship. You need to confirm your experience, knowledge of the Turkish language and financial solvency (salary not less than the living wage).
  3. Property ownership. It is not necessary to invest a large amount in real estate in Turkey. It is enough to buy an apartment and get a residence permit for 5 years. If the total period of stay outside Turkey does not exceed 180 days in all five years, you can apply for citizenship.

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