The volume of tourist flow to Portugal has doubled compared to last year

Tourist flow to Portugal doubled compared to last year

Sociologists' data show that, compared with January 2020, that is, before the start of the pandemic, the total number of tourists increased by 3.2%, and overnight stays — by 6.5%.

The largest contribution in terms of tourist flow in the first month of this year was made by the British — they accounted for 14.8% of the total overnight stays of non-residents, followed by the markets of Germany (11.3%) and Spain (10.2%).

At the same time, compared to January 2020, the dynamics for overnight stays in most countries is negative:

Great Britain — minus 3.2 percent;

Sweden — minus 19.6;

Brazil — minus 15.4;

Denmark — 15.1.

But the largest surge was recorded in the markets of North America (53.1%), Poland (65.4%) and Ireland (48.1%), the number of guests from Germany also increased ( 9.9%) and Spain (11.4%).

Lisbon accounted for 32.6% of all overnight stays, followed by the north of the country (17.6%), Madeira (17.0%) and Algarve (16.3%).

Compared to 2020, growth is observed in all areas, especially in Madeira (20.9 percent), in the center of the country (6.2 percent) and in the north ( 5.3 percent).

The number of overnight stays in hotels accounted for 81.9% of the total, or 77.1% more compared to the same month in 2022 and 2.7% more compared to from January 2020.

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