The Travel Hack Luggage and the all new Tote Bag – The Travel Hack

Travel Hack Luggage and All-New Tote Bags - Travel Hack

I’m a little particular about my luggage. Some girls like shoes. Some girls like handbags. I love luggage! I love suitcases, backpacks, and shoulder bags!

I love the feeling of organization I get with a new bag. Having pockets for everything makes you feel organized and organized!

Over the years, I’ve been sent a lot of luggage to review, but no suitcase or backpack was perfect.

The pockets were always in the wrong place or the zippers weren’t right!

Many of the pieces of luggage I tested felt like they were designed by people who had never even flown. I wanted to find luggage that would help make flying easier and less stressful at the airport, especially if you’re flying with just hand luggage.

That’s where The Travel Hack Luggage comes in!

Travel Hack Luggage and All-New Tote Bags - Travel Hack

Teaming up with Cabin Max

We partnered with CabinMax, a local luggage manufacturer that specializes in cabin bags.

Cabin Max is based in Wrexham, North Wales. In fact, their office is not far from my home and it was a bit of a coincidence that we started working together. When I was pregnant with my first son, George, my cabin girlfriend Max contacted me and offered to send me baby supplies and a changing bag. When I sent my address to mail the bag, I realized how close we were to each other!

I ended up going to lunch with the Cabin Max team. I think we all realized that we love traveling, luggage, and simplifying the process of flying with big luggage!

Cabin Max’s most popular suitcase is the famous Metz 44L backpack. It’s the perfect size to carry on a plane as hand luggage, making it popular with budget travelers who don’t want to beat the airline and pay for baggage.

Cabin Max had a great selection of practical suitcases, but they lacked a stylish and feminine selection.

The Travel Hack’s focus is on travel hacks that help travelers find stylish experiences on a budget, so the collaboration between Cabin Max and The Travel Hack was a perfect fit.

Meeting the Cabin Max team was a dream. Because I finally found a group of people who share my passion for great luggage!

Designing luggage that takes the stress out of flying

Flying with just hand luggage can be stressful because there are so many things you have to take out of your suitcase when passing through security and getting on and off the plane.

I hate that feeling of rummaging through my suitcase for liquids and electronics while trying to hide my underwear from the people waiting in line!

I was looking for a suitcase that would allow me to store everything I needed to take out through security in separate, easy-to-access compartments.

Also, don’t forget that if you only have carry-on luggage, your luggage can be heavy and there’s always the stress of being oversized and getting hit with a hefty fee at the boarding gate!

I was also looking for an easy place to store my handbag. He’s only allowed to bring one bag on the plane, but he actually has two, so sitting on the airport floor, he opens his suitcase and puts one bag inside the other. We’ve all experienced it when we were trying to push. Then, once you get on the plane, you need to put your handbag back right away!

Because of these avoidable problems, the Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case was born!

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case is the first suitcase we released. There’s an easy-to-access “handbag compartment” on the top, so you can put your handbag inside when you’re flying

The top compartment is also great for storing liquids and electronics for quick access when going through security.

This suitcase is within the carry-on dimensions of most airlines, but it is very large. I promise, it’s not too big to fly! A lot of people get it and think it’s too big, but thousands of people have flown with it hundreds of thousands of times and it’s no problem. It’s taller and thinner than most suitcases to make the most of the awkward dimensions airlines allow, so you can get the biggest suitcase possible without going oversized . This means you can bring as much luggage as possible. Winner winner.

The suitcase only has two wheels, and I considered adding four rotating wheels, but decided that would make the bag significantly smaller, heavier, and more expensive. We decided to make the bag as large as possible and lower the price. This makes it more cost-effective and allows you to pack more!

Click here to learn more about the Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case. You can also see more photos!

The Travel Hack Backpack

I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but the Travel Hack Backpack is my favorite because it’s my everyday bag. In fact, I’ve used it every day since its release, and I still think it’s the best backpack ever.

Incredibly versatile, it’s also a popular gym bag and work bag thanks to its secure laptop pocket. Very popular with moms who like to free their hands, all the internal organization pockets and easy-to-access external pockets will help you feel organized no matter what you’re doing.

the laptop pocket on the back is actually my favorite part of the bag. I use it for diapers and wipes when I have my daughter with me, books and games when I have older kids, my laptop when I work, and my iPad when I travel.

The backpack can be used as a ‘free’ Ryanair bag and is surprisingly roomy, easily fitting everything you need for a long weekend trip.

Read more about The Travel Hack Backpack and see more photos.

Travel Hack Luggage and All-New Tote Bags - Travel Hack

The Travel Hack Tote Bag

The Travel Hack Tote is the latest addition to the Travel Hack Luggage set. It’s a little larger than a backpack, so it’s perfect for people who prefer a shoulder bag over a backpack.

with all the pockets inside and out, it’s the ideal bag to stay organized while traveling. It’s the perfect size to avoid easyJet’s surcharges, but it also has a large 30L capacity, so it’s big enough for a multi-day trip. Clever features include a curling iron pocket, a spacious internal laptop pocket, two slim external pockets perfect for a tablet or documents, and a ‘hidden’ external pocket on the side perfect for storing your phone or wallet. There are some unexpected additions. And the key.

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