The Travel Hack Hybrid is here! – The Travel Hack

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

We are excited to announce the arrival of the Travel Hack Hybrid Trolley Backpack!

It’s a hybrid backpack that seamlessly converts from backpack to suitcase in seconds, and is the perfect size for carry-on luggage (free!) on many airlines.

I love this bag so much I’ve been traveling with a prototype for a few months now and it’s like a dream.

On many airlines, it fits under the seat in front of you. It’s spacious, organized, and easy to wheel and transport.

The Hybrid Dream!

It’s very convenient to be able to switch from a suitcase with wheels to a backpack. You’ll be driving around the airport, but carry it on your back when walking through crowded stations, cobblestone streets, or up the many flights of stairs!

Unzip the back panel to reveal the backpack straps. This panel is tucked into the bottom of the bag and sticks to the front to cover the wheels and provide a durable, waterproof base.

Get the most from your ‘free luggage’

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

I love traveling with as big a bag as possible so I can get the most bang for my buck when I fly. You won’t have to pay any extra when traveling with this bag, so it’ll be cheaper than airline rates and add more to your travel budget!

The Travel Hack Hybrid measures 45 x 36 x 20 cm, making it the perfect size for complimentary ‘personal bags’ on airlines such as EasyJet.

easyJet doesn’t have a weight limit on their free bags, but you’d be surprised how heavy they can get. So it’s great to be able to carry the wheels with you instead of having to carry them around all the time.

Spacious interior

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

The bag has a capacity of 30 liters, which is enough for a weekend break.

It also opens completely like a suitcase, making it easy to pack and access everything you need.

Interior 3D pockets

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

If you like to keep your things organized, you’ll love the 3D pockets inside. Perfect for storing all your small items or keeping toiletries and shoes separate.

Organised front pocket

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

The slim, organized front pocket is perfect for items you need quick access to while traveling. You’ll have instant access to your passport and documents when you’re at the airport, and easy access to your tablet and books once you’re on the plane.

Interior laptop pocket

Inside the bag there is a secure padded laptop pocket. This means that your laptop is not only safer and protected, but also easier to take out of your bag without having to open the entire suitcase. Just open the zipper a little and take it off.

Quality guaranteed

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

The Travel Hack Hybrid is manufactured in partnership with Cabin Max, so it comes with Cabin Max’s 3-year manufacturing defect warranty.


Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

height: 45cm

width: 36cm

depth: 20cm

Construction: 600D PU, eco leather details

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

Travel Hack Hybrid is here! - travel hack

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