The tourist told what kind of shopping would be beneficial in Turkey for Russian tourists

A tourist told what kind of shopping would be beneficial in Turkey for Russian tourists

“Our tourists will now leave Turkey with extra suitcases,” a professional tourist who currently lives in Turkey assured readers of her Yandex.Zen blog. She suggested that under the current circumstances, when many Western fashion brands have left Russia, Russians in Turkey will be interested not only in recreation, and even not only in the “ubiquitous” Waikiki (a Turkish clothing brand that has never left Russia), but also in other stores. those stamps that left Russia, but remained in Turkey.

So for shopping lovers, the blogger told. What brands of clothes can you buy while on vacation. First of all, she hurried to dispel the opinion that “there are no “decent” shopping centers in “resort” Turkey.” “There are decent shopping centers in resort Turkey. For example, I will name several large shopping malls: Antalya: TerraCity, MarkAntalya, Deepo Outlet, Mall of Antalya, ÖzdilekPark. Alanya: Alanyum, Megamall, Marka Mix Outlet. Side and Manavgat: NovaMall, Neva Outlet,” the blogger said.

She noted that in Turkey “there are many shops of local brands that are worth paying attention to” and “in terms of rubles, the prices for clothes seem very affordable.” At the same time, although “not all brands can boast of excellent quality. many of them are in no way inferior to European brands,” she assures. The blogger recommends the following brands: “Waikiki, Koton, DeFacto, Colin's, Mavi, Ipekyol, Adilişık, Penty (underwear), FLO (shoes).

“Also, while relaxing in Turkey, you should pay attention to clothing stores European and American brands,” the blogger writes, adding for shoppers that there are “at least three reasons”:

  • not all of these brands are in Russia;
  • prices in terms of rubles are very favorable;
  • you can issue a Tax Free refund (information about the rules is always available on the 1st floor of large malls).

Among the brands, she recommends the most famous – i.e. Adidas, Lee, H&M, Zara, Deichmann, Levi's, Bershka.

Further, the blogger “walks” through the sanctioned goods. “Turkey has IKEA. However, I would advise you to look into local home improvement stores. Özdilek, Taç, Yataş, English home, Madame Coco and Karaca are much cheaper and no worse,” she notes. Tourists who are especially bored can also dine at McDonald’s and drink coffee at Starbucks – according to the blogger, this chain is considered to be the cheapest in Turkey.

“So now shopping in Turkey will be even more interesting! It seems that in 2022 our tourists will leave home with extra suitcases,” the blogger sums up.

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