The Tiny Travel Hack #2 is coming! – The Travel Hack

The Tiny Travel Hack #2 is coming! - The Travel Hack

In case you missed this announcement in my weekly newsletter….

As many of you have already guessed, the exciting announcement I’ve been hinting at is a second baby!

I’m 21 weeks pregnant with another baby boy!! 🙂

I went to the hospital last week for the second scan and was told he’s a healthy (and very wriggly) little bubba.

I’m feeling a massive mixture of emotions at the moment. I’m so excited that my little family is complete, but then I’m nervous about the thought of having two babies under 18 months! And then I’m excited again at the thought of a tiny baby and then panicking again as to how on earth I’ll hope!

A second baby feels very different to the first. The first time around I was nervous but also so excited that I wished away the whole pregnancy by wanting time to speed up so I could meet my baby. This time round I’m more relaxed and enjoying the tiny kicks and flutters in my belly.

I’m also enjoying having just one baby to run around after as I know things are going to get a little crazy around here in October!

Things aren’t going to change too much on the blog (although I have another exciting announcement coming tomorrow that any aspiring travel bloggers will want to keep their eyes peeled for!)

Like last time, I’ve still travelled a lot during my pregnancy. I quite like being pregnant but I don’t let it stop me living my life or turn into one of those people who spends 9 months on the sofa. So far I’ve been to Florida, Budapest, skiing in France, Portugal, Menorca and Northern Ireland and I’ve got a few more trips planned before I start to slow down and put my feet up.

I’ll be taking some time out once the baby arrives but I’m sure it won’t be too long before we’re off on an adventure.

I wrote a blog post last week about why it’s so important to travel with babies. It wasn’t about ‘seeing the world through the eyes of a child’, or ‘broadening their minds with new experiences and cultures’. It’s actually a kind of selfish post so I’m glad people are agreeing with me and not slating me for being a terrible mother!

Well that’s enough baby talk for now.

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, wherever you are in the world. I’m at home for the next few weeks so I’ll be enjoying lots of BBQs and lots of chill out time before my next trip.

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