The saving for travel Twitter chat is here with #Save4Trek – The Travel Hack

#Save4Trek to save money on travel Twitter chat here - The Travel Hack

Do you wish you had more money to travel?

If your answer to that question is a big, fat “YES!” then you should join the #Save4Trek Twitter chat on March 5th.

Almost everyone I know (myself included!) wishes they had more money to travel. Whether you’re young or old, backpacker or luxury traveler, solo or family traveler, everyone wishes they could travel just a little bit more.

Usually, the main factor that causes us to travel less is economic. “If I win the lottery, I’ll go there, go there, go there, go there, go there…” I can’t count how many times I said it wistfully…..’

But until that day comes and we finally get lucky and win the lottery, good old fashioned hard work and savings will fund our adventures!

That’s why I’m joining Trek America’s Twitter chat to talk about saving money for travel.

#Save4Trek to save money on travel Twitter chat here - The Travel Hack

Unlike most Twitter chats, we don’t set up questions. Tweet about your travels and save relevant questions. Let’s all answer well during the chat. We’re looking for everyone to respond and share their top tips for saving money on travel.

You don’t have to be saving up for a Trek America trip to join the chat. If you want to save money on travel, please join us!


Date: Thursday, March 5th, 6pm GMT
Venue: Twitter @TrekAmerica and @TheTravelHack
Hashtag: #Save4Trek

Mark the date in your diary and start thinking of money-saving questions!

Tips for participating in Twitter chats

If you’re new to Twitter chat and don’t know what to do, consider these tips

#Save4Trek to save money on travel Twitter chat here - The Travel Hack

  • Use Tweetdeck – This is a super easy-to-use social media dashboard with a variety of streams. Hootsuite is also a popular option, but Hootsuite has a slight lag and is often always 30 seconds behind.
  • Set up a stream for the #Save4Trek hashtag so you can see everything being said
  • Also set up a stream of @mentions so you can see who is replying to your tweets
  • Be sure to always use the #Save4Trek hashtag during your chat. Otherwise, people who don’t follow you won’t see what you say
  • Questions will be tweeted as Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. If you answer the question directly, add A1, A2, A3, etc so everyone knows which question your answer relates to
  • I’ll try to keep up with questions and comments, but don’t worry if I’m late.
  • If you’re Tweeting from a mobile device, be sure to select “All Tweets” when following hashtags. Mobile devices tend to automatically display “Top Tweets,” so you’ll only see popular tweets rather than what everyone involved has said.
  • Stay in touch with people through chat. I feel like a nerd for saying this, but I’ve made some of my best friends through Twitter chats!

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