The Russians were told about the “fitting” in Egypt of love stories on themselves

Russian women were told about

The catchphrase “The smart one learns from the mistakes of others, and the fool learns from his own” does not work in the country of the Pyramids when it comes to love relationships. Not to listen to anyone and not to follow other people's advice while in Egypt was recommended by a Russian woman who settled some time ago in this hot country. Trying on other people's love stories for herself, the girl deprives herself of the right to personal happiness and life. “You don’t need to ask strangers what place this man should take in your life and what place you deserve in his life,” she left such a message to her compatriots on the pages of

The hot country is famous not only with its unique Red Sea and pyramids, but also with holiday romances. “The feelings that overtake foreign women in Egypt are so unexpected, and the situations are strange, that it is difficult to figure out what is happening, how it happened and what it could turn into. The plot twists even sharper after the wedding with the Egyptian,” she said.

As soon as problems begin, numerous advisers give universal advice – to hide documents from her husband and have a “stash” so that in case of force majeure, run away from Egypt without looking back. However, the Russian woman dissuades from following this kind of recommendations.

According to her, all Egyptians are different and it is stupidity to tame everyone's attitude to one standard. How a wealthy local resident can act in relation to a girl will differ from the behavior of a poor one, as well as how an Egyptian from Southern Egypt, where resorts popular with Russians are concentrated, and a resident of the capital will do. Therefore, the actions of girls who are faced with problems and strife can also be different. If she “spun” an affair with a waiter, this does not mean that he is squeezing the maximum out of the situation and wants easy money and “access to the body” like his colleague. It is likely that working in a hotel is the only chance to feed your parents, younger sisters and brothers, stood up for the local Russian woman.

) relationship,” the author said.

If you want to hear the opinion of strangers on how to deal with an Egyptian, you should not blindly implement what you heard, because advisers can “break your life” because they rely on their experience, life conviction and momentary mood.

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