The Russians came to Turkey and were surprised to buy 1,000 rubles in the market

The Russians came to Turkey and were surprised to buy 1000 rubles at the market

Yandex.Zen Russian tourists. They estimated food prices and were very surprised, having bought only 1,000 rubles at the local market.

As the bloggers explained, they decided to visit not tourist, but ordinary food markets. “Farmers come to Istanbul on Wednesdays. In the city they arrange a market like our fairs. We looked at one of these markets in the Fatih area. It was very interesting what food prices are in Turkey and what you can buy for 1000 rubles,” the blogger explained.

Then she gave the following examples of prices:

  • Kilogram of tomatoes and cucumbers – 12 lire (48 rubles) per kilogram.
  • “A huge bunch of lettuce”, which is enough for 3-4 dishes – 5-10 lire (20-40 rubles).
  • < li>Eggplant and zucchini – 15 lira (40 rubles) per kilogram.

  • “Huge mountains of strawberries” for only 30 lira (120 rubles). True, as the blogger added, the strawberries turned out to be “fragrant, but not sweet.”
  • National Turkish cakes – 6 lira (25 rubles) apiece.

Tourists also visited the local fish market in the Karaey area. “Here, too, the eyes ran wide from the variety and prices. We have not seen so many fresh fish and seafood for a long time,” the blogger said. According to her, the market had a choice of about 10 types of fish at a price of 150 to 600 rudders per kilogram. “We took 2 carcasses of sea bass, paying 250 rubles for them. For 200 rubles, half a kilogram of medium shrimp. And I tried a fresh oyster for 100 rubles a piece,” she added. In addition to these purchases, the tourists looked into the Migros supermarket for a pack of rice.

“Only 1,050 rubles were spent on all products. Today I bought fruits and vegetables at my native market in Simferopol, and I was already upset. For 1,000 rubles from vegetables, she was able to buy only a kilogram of a tomato, three cucumbers, a pound of strawberries and greens. This is how our prices in Crimea differ from those in Istanbul,” the blogger summed up.

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