The Russian woman told how much life in Sri Lanka now costs, citing real prices

A Russian woman told how much life in Sri Lanka costs now, giving real prices

A Russian woman who has experience living in the paradise island of Sri Lanka, calculated the expenses for the month and stated that life there is cheaper than in the Crimea – only 50 thousand rubles for two. She shared the cost calculation and real prices on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the traveler, the Russians chose Sri Lanka because of the relatively low prices on the island and the small time difference: some came for the winter, others – to relax, others – combine life in a warm climate with remote work.

“It’s difficult for me to calculate the exact amount, how much I need, but given the fall of the rupee and the rate to which the ruble has doubled over the past two weeks, you can live quite comfortably for 50 thousand rubles for two,” the author noted and told in more detail, what visitors spend money on.

“In general, for 2-3 thousand a day for two you can rent a good room. But if you rent for a long time, without frequent moves, use the advice: come to the place where you plan to live, move a little further from the main road and ask the locals directly, for 20 thousand rubles you can rent a whole house or a room, even cheaper, ” – the Russian woman advised.

In addition, she said that many locals want to be paid in dollars “at the black market rate”, but she urged to avoid such options, since the final price tag would be high.

A fly in the ointment is added to the paradise way of life by constant power outages. “Soon the lights will be turned off for as long as 10 hours, during the daytime. Not every cafe has generators, so if you plan to come here and work, consider these points,” the girl warned the tourists.

As for food, fresh seafood and fish are always available for purchase on the island. There is good quality meat. You can cook all this at home on a budget. For comparison: a kilogram of shrimp costs 500 rubles. However, the cafe will also be relatively inexpensive to eat. On average, dinner will cost 350 rubles per person, and European food + seafood is 150-250 rubles more expensive.

As for excursions to tourist places, their cost depends on the distance. But it is worth considering that Sri Lanka is a small island and, by the standards of a Russian, everything will be close there. The average cost of the tour is $30-$40. For the same price, car rental is available to tourists. An even cheaper option for getting around is to use the PickMe app and call a car with a driver. In addition, public transport and trains run on the resort island.

The cost of renting a scooter per day is 500 rubles, and a liter of gasoline is 100 rubles. “A liter of gasoline costs 100 rubles, for locals it is very expensive, but considering the consumption of a scooter, it’s quite a normal price,” the tourist wrote.

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