The Russian passport predicted a rapid decline in the index

  • Russian foreign passport predicted a rapid decline in the index

  • The Russian passport was predicted to rapidly slide the index

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Against the backdrop of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, another tourist event took place: the Russian passport is predicted to rapidly decline. This was stated by the consulting company Henley and Partners, which forms the passport index – a rating of countries in terms of freedom of movement without the need to apply for visas.

A recent report showed that Japan and Singapore remained at the top of the rankings, meaning holders of both passports are eligible to travel visa-free to a total of 192 destinations, ignoring the COVID-19 restrictions in place in many countries. In second place are Germany and South Korea – their visa-free travel limit is 190 countries. Four European countries shared the third place at once – these are Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. Holders of these passports can travel to a total of 189 countries around the world without having to apply for a visa first.

As for Ukraine, it received high scores for visa-free access to various countries of the world (143), which is the highest increase in this indicator compared to competitors. She is currently ranked 34th in the rankings. Since 2012, Ukraine has moved up 26 places in the rankings.

Russia is noticeably behind – it is in 49th place, with an overall score of 117. However, company analysts predicted a sharp drop in the Russian passport in the coming months due to events in Ukraine.

As Henley and Partners Chairman Christian H. Kaelin noted, the latest update provided a unique snapshot of a changing and changing world. He emphasized that as the value of the Russian passport declines and the world opens its doors to Ukrainian citizens, it becomes clear that “the passport you hold determines your destiny and dramatically affects your opportunities.”

“While it is impossible to predict what the world will look like in the shadow of events taking place in the world and in Ukraine, the latest index suggests that the gap between Russia and much of the Western world will only widen,” he said.

Since the beginning of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, 4 million Ukrainians have left their country, freed from the Kiev regime. In response, the EU countries imposed sanctions on Russia, which are considered the most severe in recent years. As part of the restrictive measures, EU countries, including the United States, Canada and other Western countries, decided to close their airspace to Russian air carriers, and also stopped processing visa applications for Russian tourists. Some members of the European Union propose to introduce a complete tourist blockade for Russian travelers. We are talking about a persistent proposal to stop issuing Schengen visas to Russians, i.e. close access to our compatriots in 26 European countries. For details, read the article “The EU urged to completely stop issuing Schengen visas to Russians.”

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