The Russian lived for 4 months in Turkey, moved to Hurghada, and made a list of what Turks annoy him with

The Russian lived for 4 months in Turkey, moved to Hurghada, and made a list of why the Turks annoy him

The original list of “why the Turks annoy” was presented on his blog in Yandex.Zen by a Russian who lived in this country for four months. Then he moved to Hurghada, as in “annoying” Turkey he was denied a residence permit and, in fact, “expelled” from the countries, as the blogger writes.

The list looks like this:

  1. “Difficulties in perceiving words”: “Here I’m not talking about the fact that they speak a language that is not incomprehensible to me, no, as it turned out, that this is not the biggest problem. A much bigger problem is that sometimes it is very difficult to comprehend the thought of a Turkish person, in which he promises you to do something, to do it literally tomorrow, ”the blogger explains his reason for irritation. He adds that these promises raise “only two questions”: “Will he do it in at least a week” and “Will he do it in principle.” “Most likely, it is the last option that will fall out,” the blogger writes and proceeds to the second point.
  2. “The ability to do everything with high quality is conscientious,” judging by the further explanations, the blogger writes with deep sarcasm. “It seemed to me that it’s kind of accepted here that if something needs to be repaired, then it will be done in such a way that it works at least at the time of inspection or switching on after repair. Then this thing will break in about an hour, ”said the blogger. He went on to tell a story from a “chat with Russians” who had a window repaired as follows: “They called a Turk. Arrived late at noon. Repaired the window. Broke another and left. “Personally, this is how it works in our apartment: air conditioning, vacuum cleaner, bathroom sink, dryer, heater, all beds, table, hmm … funny, but I listed almost all the things in the apartment,” the blogger added.
  3. Noise: “If you just go to a local cafe, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. A simple example. When my colleagues work, they turn on the TV, music in the background, someone is chatting nearby, they cook and eat something along the way. Being next to them, I can’t not only do some difficult work, but I just can’t get stuck on the phone, my head just explodes from all this noise, ”said the Russian.
  4. Happiness: “Sometimes you walk down the street and want to shout: “why the hell are you all so happy!?!”, the blogger explained this point. According to him, “people here are really much happier, more open and good-natured than here.” “You will rarely see a gloomy and dissatisfied face here, and even then, it will definitely be some kind of Russian,” the blogger assured.

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