The post office at the South Pole of the Earth needs employees

The post office at the South Pole of the Earth needs employees

Anyone who «adventurous, sincerely loves Antarctica and is free next winter” can get a “perfect job”.

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust is accepting applications for three positions: Branch Manager, Store Manager and General Assistant. Main tasks — serving tourists at the gift shop and post office, maintaining the technical condition of the base, maintaining the museum and counting penguins as part of efforts to monitor and protect the bird colony on the island.

“Given the nature of the daily tasks associated with the smooth operation Port Lockroy, we are looking for candidates who have useful skills such as experience in retail, conservation, building maintenance, and leadership and management, — says the press release.

The team will travel to Antarctica in late October or early November and will work in Port Lockroy until March 2023.

This year, Port Leroy will receive travelers for the first time after a forced pause due to the pandemic. During the normal summer season — when it is winter in the northern hemisphere — about 18,000 tourists come here.

Selected candidates are expected to work seven days a week with fixed days off every two weeks.

“Port Lockroy is located in a remote and potentially dangerous area, so any adventurous recreational activities are prohibited. That is, no rock climbing, water sports, glacier walks, etc. are allowed. Leisure time can be spent reading, drawing, photography, cooking, watching wildlife. ,— according to the website of the British Antarctic Heritage Foundation.

Living conditions promise “simple but comfortable.” Hostel-style house with bunk beds, kitchen and living room, and bathroom. Since there is no running water on the island, there are no showers here either. Occasionally, visiting boats will allow base workers to bathe, but the organizers assure that “employees can easily go without a shower for up to two weeks and will be comfortable living with these limited washing facilities while maintaining a high level of hygiene.”

< p>There is no Internet access on the island and cell phones do not work, which means that you will have minimal communication with family and friends at home during your stay in Antarctica.

“Every year we receive hundreds of applications for these posts, and we hope this year will be no different. Our new team will be the driving force behind the 2022/23 season, playing a vital role in bringing Port Lockroy and its museum back to life for visitors from all over the world,” — UKAHT press release says. 

For more information on job requirements, click here. Applications are accepted until April 25th. Interviews will take place online in mid-May.

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