The popular island has decided which country tourists are rogue and which ones are “high-quality”

A popular island has been identified, tourists from which country are the rogue, and from which -

The authorities of the Spanish resort island of Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands archipelago, said they had had enough of “poor-quality” tourists – drunken rogues, and will now focus on attracting “quality” tourists. Moreover, as stated in the Spanish media, tourists were almost directly divided by nationality, meaning by “rogue” British alcohol-tourists, from which almost all Spanish islands suffer. Germans are considered to be a more solvent market here.

“The Canary Islands are currently looking for 'higher quality' visitors, including looking for other markets such as Germany,” the island's authorities said. They also said that Lanzarote is not afraid of a reduction in the tourist flow – as the island is saturated and oversaturated with tourists.

As the local tourism authorities bluntly assure, they are planning a new strategy. Which is primarily aimed at “reducing dependence on the British market.” Worth noting, the British are currently the leading tourist market for the island. “Part of the new strategy will be to become less dependent on the British, who currently account for more than half of all purchased tours to the island,” experts say.

The emphasis will be on “the quality of tourists “. And also to promote the tourism opportunities of Lanzarote among the second largest tourist market for the island – the Germans. Which in Spain are considered more solvent and more “quality” tourists.

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