The main resort of the popular country of Southeast Asia has found a replacement for Russian and Chinese tourists

The main resort of the popular Southeast Asian country has found a replacement for Russian and Chinese tourists

Vietnam is trying to attract the Indian market as a replacement for the missing Russian and Chinese tourists, including Vietnam, which is popular with Russians Vietnamese resort Nha Trang. Nguyen Thi Le Thanh, director of the Tourism Department of Khanh Hoa, the province where the resort is located, said India is one of the most potential post-pandemic tourism markets. “A new source of Indian visitors could be a temporary solution in the absence of Chinese and Russian tourists,” he said.

However, the expert admits that “it will take more time and better preparation” to really refocus on India . The Ha Long region, whose famous bay was visited by more than 200 Indian tourists last month, is also trying to enter this direction.

However, without the Russians, the affairs of the famous resort of Nha Trang and Vietnam in general are not going well. Recall that in the “pre-Covid” 2019, Nha Trang received more than 3.5 million international visitors, mainly from China and Russia. At that time, Cam Ranh International Airport received more than 30 flights daily from China and six charter flights from Russia. So far, Vietnam as a whole has received just 1.44 million foreign tourists, which is only 28% of the annual target of five million.

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