“The hotel was opened by Fidel Castro himself”: an enthusiastic review of Cuba

Tonkosti.ru reader Anastasia has always wanted to visit Cuba, and this January her dream came true. “Now the choice of destinations has been greatly narrowed for Russian tourists, and the attitude towards Russians abroad has changed a lot and not for the better. But Cuba has always been a friendly state for us, they treat Russians well there,” the tourist believes.

We watched budget hotels

Even the 180 thousand that we paid for the tour is significant for our budget, but we don’t regret the money spent for a second. We chose Colonial Cayo Coco (former Iberostar Colonial) in Cayo Coco. Booked a standard sea view room all inclusive.1/1


All the way we slept for 14 hours, arrived at 6 am local time. The road was moved easier than expected. We arrived at the hotel, left our things at the reception – and immediately to the beach! All fatigue from the road instantly disappeared.

We were settled by 12 o'clock

A waiter approached us on the beach and invited us to go to the reception. They remembered us almost immediately, since at the time of our settlement we were the only tourists from Russia, later several more families arrived.

Most of the tourists are French, Germans and Poles. There were a couple of families from Ukraine, very neutral, no negativity, they had been living in the USA for more than 10 years. Everyone communicates well with each other, I was even surprised at such friendliness from tourists from Canada, they often sat down with us, talkative, like to drink and dance. Once the hotel hosted a concert of a local rock band, the whole hotel sang “El pueblo unido jamás sera vencido”, amazing energy. 1/1

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