The holidays you should actually be booking for 2022 – The Travel Hack

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

If you’re a travel enthusiast, you’re probably feeling like you’ve just had your wings clipped. I’m sure some of you are optimistically booking your overseas vacation this year. I think many of those holidays will go ahead as planned, but I’m sure there are many who won’t!

I have not booked any international travel for 2021 for several reasons. You don’t want to go through the hassle of booking something only to have it canceled and request a refund. I also feel a little anxious about flying on a plane or being in an enclosed space for a long time. I also don’t know how ethical it is to potentially spread the virus for unnecessary reasons.

If you’re like me and nervous about booking a vacation abroad this year, I have the perfect vacation option for you!


At the end of this post, I shared some of my favorite UK glamping trips from the past few years, but let’s start with why I think glamping is the best type of holiday to book during the pandemic…

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

Reasons to book a glamping holiday for 2021

Update: If you are planning to book a glamping trip in the coming months, you will need to book self-contained style to comply with Covid restrictions. So look for a room with a private bathroom and kitchen!

#1. Small deposits to book

Glamping is a relatively affordable vacation option and requires a small deposit, so you won’t lose a lot of money if you cancel!

I booked a stay in a glamping pod in Llangollen in April with just a £15 deposit!

#2. Book a local glamping trip to make it easier to rearrange dates if you need to

If you stay local, you are less likely to be affected by local lockdowns. I know it’s not all that fun to go on a “vacation” a few miles from home, but once you’re there, it feels like you’re a million miles away!

If your glamping trip is canceled due to lockdown or other restrictions, you probably have the option of rescheduling and going another day. So it’s probably easier to stay local, as you’ll have more flexibility if there’s a glamping site nearby.

#3. Our bookings help support small, local businesses

Most glamping sites are run by individuals, so the profits go directly into their pockets.

We saw a lot of support for ‘shopping small’ over Christmas and I really hope this extends to small local hospitality businesses as well.

#4. It’s very easy to socially distance

Glamping is one of the easiest vacation experiences to practice social distancing. No need for hotel lobbies, hotel buffet lines, or crowds around pools. It’s just you, your loved ones, and the great outdoors. There will probably also be a contactless check-in, so you won’t see another person!

#5. It’s a new experience

For many people, glamping can be a new and fun experience. We can’t recommend glamping enough for a unique and memorable vacation for the whole family.

#6. Glamping is a gorgeous chance to disconnect from the world

Most of us are spending more time online than ever before. If you’re feeling the need for a digital detox, glamping could be the answer. Many glamping sites are located in remote areas with no cell phone signal or Wi-Fi. You may also find yourself without electricity to charge your devices, which can be a blessing for people who need a forced digital detox!

#7. You won’t miss out on the little luxuries

You can have a very luxurious glamping experience! I ended up in a room with a roll-top copper bath, a four-poster bed, and a private sauna!

Other glamping sites are more basic and a bit of a step up from camping, so you can choose what level of luxury you want!

Here are some of my favorite glamping experiences from the past few years…

Glamping at the geodome at Camp Catur, Yorkshire

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

The best thing about staying at the Geodome was being able to wake up in the morning. With last night’s embers still smoldering in the wood burner, I could watch the sunrise across the meadow from my cozy position in bed. Rabbits hopped across the dewy grass and birds filled the sky with their happy morning chirps.

This glamping site at Camp Catur is one of the best equipped I’ve come across, with plenty of accommodation options. There is also a small dome hidden deep in the forest, giving you a romantic and secluded forest experience!

amber’s bell tent

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

This was a lovely glamping experience thanks to the family friendly atmosphere on site. The bell tents were spaced out around a large clearing in the woods, with the central area serving as a large play area for the children. It was so much fun for Sam and I to relax in the tent while the boys made friends.

North Star Club in Yorkshire

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

It’s the most luxurious glamping experience I’ve ever had! This one features a huge copper bathtub, a luxurious four-poster bed, and a private infrared sauna!

Quite pricey for glamping, especially if you find the kitchen severely lacking in cooking utensils, but if you want a gentle glamping experience, this is the place for you. It was also the only room where our kids had their own bedroom and small living room!

Forge Bell Tent Glamping in Llangollen, Wales

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

Another basic bell tent experience that we loved! Llangollen is also great and this location is not far from exploring this beautiful area of ​​North Wales.

Amazing and wild safari tents on Anglesey, Wales

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

If you have a large family, the Wonderfully Wild safari tent is the perfect choice as it comfortably sleeps 6 people and the island of Anglesey. Ah, Anglesey – I love this place so much!

Feather Down Farm Safari Tent (nationwide)

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

Feather down farms can be found all over the country and are primarily a source of extra income for farmers who turn one of their fields into a glamping site. The tent was nice and spacious and we really enjoyed touring the farm and seeing the animals up close. The store we visited had converted a barn into a soft play area, perfect for young families!

Glamping in a shepherd’s hut on Swansea Bay

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

These small but charming shepherd’s huts have a fantastic location close to the famous Rhossili Bay Beach on Swansea Bay.

Staying in a Tree House in Wales

Vacations You Should Actually Book in 2022 - Travel Hacks

And finally, the most memorable glamping trip I’ve ever been on was to an amazing treehouse in Wales. This was a childhood dream come true and the perfect place to escape.

If you’re not sure how to find or book the best glamping vacation, we wrote a blog post about where you can find it online. Where to find the best glamping holidays in the UK.

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