The flight attendant told why you should never wear jeans and sneakers on planes

A flight attendant told me why you should never wear jeans and sneakers on an airplane

Wearing comfortable clothes for a flight can affect the journey, or rather, it comfort level. According to Travel + Leisure, travelers who want to improve their chances of an upgrade should dress appropriately, avoiding jeans and sneakers.

The phrase “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” applies to air travel as well – “dress for the class you want”. Jeans and sneakers on an airplane can be a decisive factor in whether a tourist gets into first class.

According to flight attendants, the appearance of passengers with ambition should fit into the thesis “Stylish but restrained”, i.e. They should look like they travel frequently. It helps, the flight attendant said.

“Someone who potentially needs to get an upgrade can be deprived of it if they are not dressed appropriately. No jeans or sneakers, so I always opt for tight black pants and a blazer or dress. Men wear chinos or other trousers and a shirt,” she explained.

Here are the items to avoid:

  1. shorts
  2. dirty shoes
  3. leggings
  4. slippers
  5. sweatpants

“If you follow all the rules, you might be first in line to get first class for free,” the flight attendant added.

Former British Airways flight attendant Simon Jay Marton previously said: “Dress smart – it doesn’t hurt. If you look like you fit first class, then you have a better chance in this regard than someone who boarded the plane in casual clothes.

However, if you failed to get into first class This doesn't mean you can't enjoy better food. For example, an economy class passenger told the Express that he was able to get better meals after he fell asleep and skipped meals.

“I was on a long-haul flight in economy class from Tokyo to London, and my friend and I fell asleep during takeoff time by skipping the first of two scheduled meals. When we woke up we were hungry but were told that all the food on the cart was sold out. Moreover, due to food restrictions, none of the “economy” dishes were safe to eat. We were fed with food from a class above,” the traveler concluded.

For those who value a healthy lifestyle, we recommend reading: “The doctor revealed ways to deal with a headache from weather atmospheric pressure.”

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