The flight attendant told how tourists constantly fall into traps and lose money at the airport

The stewardess told how tourists constantly fall into traps and lose money at the airport

There are several common mistakes that millions of tourists make every year at airports and lose money because of these oversights. Flight attendant Arina Bloom told Yahoo News about the most popular of them in detail.

According to her, she often saw travelers spend a lot of money on expensive bottles of water. Such buying is easy to fall for: frazzled passengers trying to get past airport security have simply thrown away their water bottles after being caught trying to smuggle in a bottle of liquid over 100ml. But there are plenty of water fountains to fill bottles after security.

The first piece of advice from an aviation expert is this: “Air travel is expensive. You have already paid for your ticket, taxi and luggage, so don't waste your money on overpriced airport water. You can't bring a water bottle through security, but no one says you can't take an empty bottle. Most airports have drinking water fountains, and many have a special pump for filling bottles quickly. To keep your bottle full during the flight, just ask the flight attendant to refill it. If you're lucky, they might even put ice in it.”

However, water is not the only item you don't have to buy at the airport. According to Lindsey Sakraida, director of content marketing for the shopping comparison site, you should stop-list the purchase of electronics at points of departure.

“Our research has shown that electronics at the airport are on average 34 percent more expensive than online stores,” she warned, adding that if it comes to buying an expensive device, the difference can be several thousand rubles.

In addition, it is worth considering the fact that the highest markup at the airport is made on chargers. On average, their prices are 50% higher than in the market.

Food in airport outlets is also often much more expensive than in the city. According to one of the comparison sites, the highest mark-up was recorded on a Cadbury's Oreo chocolate bar worth more than 500 rubles in duty-free and only 200 rubles in a supermarket. Another example: a 250-gram package of M&M's was sold in a duty-free shop for 360 rubles, while in a regular shopping pavilion it costs 150 rubles.
In this regard, the second advice of the stewardess is that such snacks are better buy in advance. It is quite possible to carry them through the security frame.

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