The crew of the destroyed Airbus A330 a week ago was evacuated from Sudan by sea

The crew of an Airbus A330 destroyed a week ago was evacuated from Sudan by sea

The situation in the North African country remains so volatile that foreign governments have found it next to impossible to evacuate embassy staff and their citizens and have instead issued recommendations for “shelters in place”.

After the Saudi Airbus A330 was destroyed last Saturday, the crew was rushed to the fortified royal embassy in the Sudanese capital, where they remained while efforts were made to open escape routes.

Despite the so-called ceasefire between government forces and the rebel rapid reaction force, fighting continues unabated and foreign nations are becoming more concerned about the safety of their citizens.

Khartoum remains in the hands of rebel paramilitaries and thick black smoke was seen rising from the airfield on Saturday. Planned evacuation flights from the airport had to be cancelled, but the Saudi government managed to open a safe passage to a waiting warship on the coast.

On Saturday afternoon, Saudi media showed footage of the crew members, still in the same uniform that was on them a week ago is being boarded. The crew, who seemed relieved to finally be out of danger, smile as they wave small Saudi Arabian flags.

The Saudi Arabian Navy sent a flotilla of five ships to Sudan and evacuated more 100 citizens from all over the Gulf region.

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