The case when it would be better with money: a review of a honeymoon trip to Thailand

The case when money would be better: a review of a honeymoon trip to Thailand

“I’ll start right away with the main thing: the price of the SIS Kata Resort 4 * hotel in Phuket is 268 thousand for a week for two. The tour was given to us by my husband's parents, it was a honeymoon trip. The very case when it would be better with money. We are not millionaires, I understand that they wanted to make a surprise, but it would be better if they consulted with us. I am madly in love with Thailand and Phuket, but if my husband and I chose the tour ourselves, we would never take this hotel.” Ekaterina, a reader of Subtleties, shares her impressions about the holiday.1/1

Not that expected

Yes, everything is beautiful and luxurious here, but SIS Kata Resort is not worth your money. We waited over 5 hours to check in! We were offered a cocktail and a wet hand towel, but this did not brighten up our expectation. The main advantage of the hotel is stunning panoramic views from anywhere. The hotel stands on a mountain, it is, of course, beautiful, but returning from the beach is still fitness. There is a free shuttle to Kata Beach, but we never caught it back. Kata beach is not the best, a lot of people during the day. It is better to go to the magnificent Kata Noi, there are always few people there. The entire infrastructure is far from the hotel, there is almost nothing within walking distance.

What's the price

With such a cost of the tour, there are a lot of additional costs. Even sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach are paid. Upon arrival, they take a deposit of 200 USD (although the site says 100 USD or 3000 THB) and do not even expect that it will be returned to you. Be sure to find some services that you unknowingly used. Mini-bar is paid, but there is no price list in the room. We ordered bathrobes ourselves, but we learned that they were paid only upon departure.

Even the slippers in the room turned out to be paid props.1/1

I advise you to ask when you check in to immediately remove all paid options from the room, so that later you don’t have to prove that something is missing. We had breakfast included. Everything is beautiful, but the portions are tiny, it is inconvenient to take 50 small plates, and you already have to pay extra for additional items on the menu.

Alcohol is very expensive, nothing is free.


Pools are small. There is a beautiful panoramic pool, but you can’t swim up to the edge of the side for a photo, the hotel staff will immediately yell at you. I agree, it’s not the safest side, there is a chance of falling off, but why not put additional fences there?

Most of the holidaymakers in January 2023 are Chinese, they also have 10 days off for the Chinese New Year. The audience is noisy, they think only about themselves, very loudly sort out the relationship between themselves and with the staff.

There are few parties in the hotel, only a couple of times a day there were DJ sets by the pool, and Chinese tourists need a holiday, so they constantly listened to music in their speakers or just on their phones.1/1

Otherwise, that is, outside the hotel we felt great. Phuket is a heavenly place. Great people, more than half of Russians are on the streets of resorts and on excursions. Many have come for the winter. Here all problems are forgotten, people just enjoy life. Prices have risen slightly. I don't know what's wrong with real estate, they say there's an unprecedented rise in prices, but for cafes, food and excursions everything is within reason, almost like in our past trips.

They say they don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but for us this horse turned out to be very expensive. As a result, the tour was not very comfortable: it is better to choose hotels within your means.

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