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Best Women's Paddle Boards + Paddle Board Wear - Travel Hacks

If you’re looking for the best women’s paddle boards and paddle board wear, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tried countless women’s paddle boards and bought my own a few years ago. I truly believe I got the best paddle board for petite women and I’m very happy with it!

Today I’d like to share with you paddle boards that I think are best for women (especially petite women) and paddle board clothing for all seasons.

The best paddle board for women

Best Women's Paddle Boards + Paddle Board Wear - Travel Hacks

I have an O’Shea 9’8″ HPx Tangerine and I think it’s the best paddle board for women. I’ve tried so many paddleboards over the years and this is 100% my favorite.

It’s slightly smaller than many boards and super lightweight, making it a great paddle board for women.

this board is designed for light to medium riders weighing less than 80kg, making it perfect for women and teenagers as well.

This women’s paddleboard weighs only 7KG, 20% lighter than any Fusion or MSL, making it much easier to carry and carry. It also has high rigidity, but there are compromises in durability, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance.

the board is compact and easy to fold. When folded, it fits into a backpack with all accessories and weighs 10.1 kg.

to be honest, this 10.1kg backpack still feels quite heavy. You can carry it for short distances, but for long distances, put it in a beach trolley!

Best wetsuit for women paddle boarding

Best Women's Paddle Boards + Paddle Board Wear - Travel Hacks

I have a 2XU Propel wetsuit, which I originally bought for open water swimming during a triathlon.

I really love this wetsuit. I feel like a Power Ranger when I wear it.

It’s comfortable and flexible, making it perfect for the movements you need when paddle boarding.

It’s expensive, but I’ve had it for over 10 years and it’s still in great condition (although it’s a little tighter than it was when I was 24!!)

Best life jacket for women paddle boarding

Best Women's Paddle Boards + Paddle Board Wear - Travel Hacks

I have the Jobe Unify Life Vest and it is the best. I love this life jacket. Very comfortable and soft, offering flexibility and freedom of movement.

A comfortable life jacket is very important to me. If it’s uncomfortable, you probably won’t want to wear it. As a child, I always wore a life vest and it was uncomfortable and I hated wearing it. I went kayaking a lot as a kid, and the life jacket often rubbed my chin and made it difficult to move, ruining the experience.

So I’m a little softer now and me and my kids all wear this Jobe life vest.

Yes, it’s expensive, but worth every penny!

My paddle board clothing when it’s warm

When the temperature drops, I always wear the wetsuit mentioned above. Sure, it can get hot at times, but the thought of falling into cold water without a wetsuit makes you keep it on. Falling into very cold water without a wetsuit is also dangerous.

You’ll find it’s warm enough to paddleboard without a wetsuit all summer long, especially on rivers where you know you’re less likely to fall.

If it’s warm enough, I don’t think you need specialized paddle board clothing. In fact, basic athletic clothing is all you need.

Here’s what to wear for paddleboarding when it’s warm and you know you’re unlikely to fall:

  • Sports leggings (the type worn when exercising or going to the gym)
  • sports bra
  • T-shirt
  • freeze
  • barefoot

Here’s what to wear for paddleboarding when it’s warm and probably okay:

  • swimsuit
  • board shorts
  • rush vest
  • barefoot

Here’s what to wear for paddle boarding when it’s hot:

  • Long-sleeved swimwear (just a bikini if ​​it’s really hot)
  • cap
  • barefoot

My paddle board clothing when it’s cold

(This is where specialty clothing comes in; I’ve linked them all below!)

  • my swimsuit
  • my wet suit
  • aqua fleece
  • gloves
  • waterproof socks
  • water shoes
  • wool hat

Best women’s shoes for paddle boarding

Best Women's Paddle Boards + Paddle Board Wear - Travel Hacks

When it’s warm enough, I always paddleboard barefoot. This is always fine if you’re on the beach or by a grassy river, but if you’re paddling in places where it’s difficult to get out of the water barefoot, strap yourself to your board with Teva sandals. Velcro strap. (I love the Teva Midform sandals because they have a nice wedge!)

Paddleboarding shoes when it’s cold

wear water shoes if it’s too cold to walk barefoot, and waterproof socks underneath if it’s really cold. I have funmoon barefoot water shoes and I love them. Waterproof socks are actually meant for swimming in cold water, but they’re also great under water shoes for extra warmth.

Best changing robe for paddle boarding

I have the red Pro Change Robe and love it. Very snug and cozy, perfect to wear when it’s cold after a paddle. As the name suggests, it’s also perfect for changing at the beach, by the river, in the parking lot, and more!

I often just pop this on over my wet swimsuit and go home wearing it, so I don’t even have to bother changing.

I also highly recommend the Red Changing Robe Stash Bag, which allows you to compress your robe into a smaller bag. It’s easier to carry and reduces unnecessary bulky bags. That way you can easily transport and store it on your board. I keep it in the trunk of my car all year round because it doesn’t take up much space!

Best waterproof bag for paddle boarding

I have two waterproof bags that I use when I go paddleboarding.

The first is a small waist bag that I use to hold my phone and keys. If I’m just going for a quick paddle, this is all I bring. I like that it fits perfectly around my waist and my hips are slim so it doesn’t get in the way even if it’s bulky. (These come in his 2-packs and for me he only needed 1 so it’s a bit of a hassle but this is the best I’ve found. So at least if you order 1 You can gift it to a friend!)

I have a second, larger dry bag. I take this with me when I go on long paddles and usually keep snacks, drinks, and a fleece in it. There is an elastic on the front of the board so you can secure this large bag to the board.

Best gloves for paddle boarding

If you plan on going paddleboarding in cold temperatures, we highly recommend having neoprene non-slip gloves. Cold hands make it harder to grip the paddle and reduce your time on the water.

I have neoprene gloves made for children because I have very small hands. I like to buy things like this on Amazon. That way, you can order a few pairs and easily return the ones that don’t fit.

Best electric pump to inflate your board

I had been using a hand pump for nearly two years, but I finally decided to replace it with an electric pump. Oh, why didn’t I do this sooner! I noticed that I was very tired even before I got on the water, and the thought of pumping up my board quickly made me lose the will to paddle.

I have an Outdoor Master Paddleboard Pump and rate it highly.

I plug it into my car, which is fine by me since I almost always drive to wherever I paddleboard.

If you don’t drive your car when paddleboarding, it’s worth buying a rechargeable paddleboard pump like this one. It’s a bit pricey but worth it and you don’t have to plug it in or pump it in your car.

Best flask for your cuppa!

Best Women's Paddle Boards + Paddle Board Wear - Travel Hacks

This may be the most important item on the list. You need a flask to drink a cup!

When I go paddleboarding, I often bring two or three cold flasks with me.

I bring an insulated water bottle with me so I can drink cold water when it’s hot.

Bring a small leak-proof flask to drink coffee while paddling. I like Bodum’s travel mug. I’ve been using it for years and it doesn’t leak and is easy to clean.

And I fill this 1.2 liter thermos with hot water and keep it in my car with my coffee and tea bags. That way, when you get back to your car, you can make a fresh cup and offer it to the person you’re with. Sometimes I add soup to this and it’s a great snack after a cold paddle.

Should you wear a waterproof watch when paddleboarding?

Best Women's Paddle Boards + Paddle Board Wear - Travel Hacks

As long as you’re paddle boarding with your phone in hand (which you should wear at all times; read about our waterproof bag recommendations), wearing a waterproof watch isn’t completely necessary, but you should wear one recommend to.

When I paddleboard, I always wear a waterproof watch so I can easily check the time. I also like to measure my heart rate and calories burned, but that’s just me being a nerd, it’s not necessary.

I’m wearing the Withings Steel HR watch (full review of the Withings Steel HR can be found here). We love this one because it looks like a simple, elegant, and stylish watch, but it actually does everything a bulky activity tracker would do.

I often go for a quick paddle before picking up the kids from school, so monitoring my time is really important.

You may also need to know the time to know the tides. This is especially important if you’re paddling in the winter when it gets dark quickly.

It’s easy to lose track of time while paddleboarding. Time passes so quickly when I’m on the board, so I like to keep a watch!

If you don’t already have a waterproof watch, I don’t think you need to rush out and buy another expensive kit. But just in case you forget the time, set an alarm on your phone to remind you when it’s time to get out of the water. This also means you don’t have to keep checking your phone because you know you’ll get an alert when it’s time to go out.

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