The £200 Weekender: Is it possible? – The Travel Hack

200lb Weekender: Is It Possible? - Travel Hacks

“What would you like to see more of from The Travel Hack?”

This is a question I always ask my readers, and the resounding answer is always, “Weekend getaways are cheap!’

Yes, everyone wants a cheaper weekender. Why not?

Weekend vacations give us something great to look forward to. This means you don’t have to wait months between vacations. Many of you are taking on the #Take12Trips challenge, and the best way to make this possible is to do it with a few cheeky weekend travelers.

The only problem with weekend getaways is that expenses can quickly get out of hand. When we find cheap flights, we start with good intentions and start looking at all the free things to do in a destination. Then you turn to hotels and your budget starts to spiral out of control and you say, “I could get this for just an extra £50…’

You spend ‘a little bit more’ on every aspect of your holiday and before you know it your cheap and fun weekend getaway has cost £400 and you’re not even there yet!

Sound familiar?

200lb Weekender: Is It Possible? - Travel Hacks

I always think that weekend trips will be cheap, but I end up spending a lot more than I planned because my budget is gone.

So this time we would like to introduce you to the “£200 Weekender’.

This is The Travel Hack’s new monthly feature, where we show you how to spend a weekend for under £200. This is based on the two of him sharing a hotel room and covers the cost of the flight, two nights’ hotel, transportation and activities.

The first stop for March’s 200lb Weekender is Budapest, which Elle and I visited this time last year. We actually stayed there for 4 nights and although we didn’t save or save anything, it was still one of the most affordable cities I’ve ever visited did. Budapest is an incredible city, so if you’re looking for a cheap weekend getaway, I can’t recommend it enough!

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