The 12 best hard shell suitcases UK – The Travel Hack

12 of the UK's best hardshell suitcases - Travel Hacks

Are you in the UK and looking for the perfect hardshell suitcase for your next trip?

You’ve probably searched online and realized it’s a complete minefield. Since when did hard shell suitcases become so expensive and their conflicting reviews cause confusion.

I know, I’ve been there!

Thankfully, I’m a bit of a luggage junkie and have tried many hard shell suitcases over the years.

To make it easier for you, we have simplified our list of the best hardshell suitcases into the following categories!

12 of the UK's best hardshell suitcases - Travel Hacks

Best large hard shell suitcase

Antler Clifton

The best large hard shell suitcase is the Antler Clifton case. These are the ones in the photo above. This suitcase ticks all the boxes.

  • It’s light
  • stylish
  • durable
  • Has internal pockets and compartments
  • Smooth and durable spinner wheel
  • expandable zipper
  • nice and easy handle
  • TSA approved lock
  • Different sizes available if you need a full set
  • available in different colors

In short, it’s the best hard shell suitcase.

If you would like to read my full experience with the Clifton set, here is the Antler Luggage Review.

Best premium hard shell suitcase

level 8

If you have the money, a gorgeous Globe-Trotter suitcase is the way to go. It costs a lot of money, but wow, it’s beautiful.

The Centenary XL trunk has a 100L capacity but costs a hefty £2,295, so you might want to put this on your wish list for Santa!

The James Bond collection is also pretty sexy, but I don’t think I’d take it on a cheap Ryanair flight.

For something a little more affordable, may I recommend the lovely and fairly affordable Level 8 Hardshell Suitcase.

Best budget hard shell suitcase

AmazonBasics Hard Shell Bag

You simply can’t beat AmazonBasics’ hard shell bags.

It comes in a variety of colors and currently has around 35,000 4.5* reviews.

It’s simple, sleek, lightweight, and comes with two compartments and pockets, four spinner wheels, and a decent handle.

Of course, it’s much cheaper than many other hard shell suitcases, so this luggage won’t last forever. But if you’re buying this for your annual vacation, you can’t go wrong.

As you’ve probably already realized, there is no such thing as a “cheap hardshell suitcase” and they are all very expensive. Surprisingly expensive!

To be honest, I don’t think I would buy a cheap suitcase, especially a large one. It’s a false economy, and it breaks down quickly. A heavy suitcase needs to be durable, and investing in a good one will last you for years. Therefore, if you have the money, we recommend that you bring your Antler luggage.

Best colourful hard shell suitcase

sound box spinner

American Tourista is definitely a suitcase brand for bright and colorful luggage.

The expandable Soundbox Spinner is available in nine colors including vibrant yellow, spring green, poolside blue, and a coral red that you won’t want to miss on your airport luggage belt!

These suitcases are reasonably priced and have good reviews on Amazon.

Best lightweight hard shell suitcase

Antler Clifton

To be honest, if you are looking for a lightweight suitcase, it is much better to buy a soft shell case than a hard shell one.

if you’re looking for something lightweight, a wheeled duffel bag like this 96L wheeled duffel bag, which weighs only 2kg, is a great option!

If you can make do with a soft-shell suitcase, take a look at New York’s wide-handle design.

this suitcase claims to be the world’s lightest. Although it is heavy, it only weighs 2.4kg!

But if you’re just here for a hard shell suitcase, I’m going to get bored and go back to the Antler Clifton case.

Clifton’s largest suitcase expands to hold up to 132 liters and weighs just 5kg, making it the largest and lightest I’ve found. It’s also worth mentioning that larger, lighter suitcases can be expensive. Even the cheapest ones cost a lot of money. So I think it’s worth investing in a good suitcase that will last a long time.

Best kid’s hard shell suitcase

stokke bed box

Is it a suitcase? Is it a seat? Is it a bed?

This nifty little case doubles as a suitcase and a seat, allowing your child to sit comfortably and pull around when they get tired of standing and walking around the airport.

But wait, it gets even better!

This suitcase can also be transformed and stands up as a footstool/bed for your child during the flight. What a genius idea.

the only downside is that it doesn’t really hold much, but most kids just want an iPad and some headphones anyway!

Best hard shell suitcase set

antler clifton set

Want an exact matching set? Yes me too.

Well, I’m bored again and go back to the Antler Clifton set. I still think this is the best set out there in terms of price, quality, style, durability, and variety of sizes.

Best carry on hard shell suitcase

Antler Clifton Cabin Case with Pocket

i don’t like hardshell suitcases as carry-ons because they usually don’t have pockets on the outside. This means that if you want to quickly put it inside your suitcase to get your iPad, snacks, or liquids through security, you’ll have to open the entire suitcase.

Therefore, when purchasing a hard shell carry-on suitcase, we recommend looking for one that has pockets on the outside.

My current favorite is the Antler Clifton pocket cabin case. Also available without pockets, so be sure to get one with pockets!

Level 8 has a similar carrying case with a front pocket, and Titan also has a slightly cheaper one.

Best tiny under-the-seat ‘free’ hard shell suitcase

Cabin Max Anode Carry On

This might be the cutest little suitcase on the list! It’s so small! The photo doesn’t really show it, but to be honest, it’s really delicious.

This small suitcase can be slipped under your seat if you fly with EasyJet or other airlines with similar “free” baggage policies. It’s small, durable, comes in lots of great colors and is a great value at under £50!

Best hard shell suitcase for men

Level 8 aluminum carrying case

I bought this Level 8 Aluminum Carrying Case for my husband to take home on our honeymoon. I like it very much. Actually, I love it too.

It’s smooth and beautiful and seems to be of very good quality. It has no zipper, chunky clasp on the side, and the quietest spinner wheel you’ve ever heard (in this case, you can’t hear it!)

It’s a heavy suitcase, so it’s expensive, but I think it’s worth it.

Best hard shell suitcase for women

Aerolite Retro Vintage Hardshell Case

The Level 8 aluminum case above is gorgeous for women, but if you’re looking for something stereotypically feminine, you’ll love the Aerolite Retro Vintage hardshell case.

It has the feel of an old-fashioned trunk suitcase, thanks to the leather details, and comes in lovely cream, blush pink, and rose pink colors.

It has all the modern features you need, including spinner wheels, lightweight materials, a TSA combination lock, and internal pockets for easy organization.

Best unique hard shell suitcase

Unitravel Vintage Luggage Set

OK, this may not be the most practical hard shell suitcase set, but it looks so cute! That tiny little luggage bag is just adorable. The ultimate girly hard shell suitcase with floral details and a vintage feel!

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