Thailand removes all anti-COVID entry restrictions on October 1

No vaccination certificates or COVID-19 test results will be required upon entry

Thailand lifts all antikovidnye entry restrictions on October 1

Thailand PCR tests or vaccination certificates will not be required from foreign travelers from October 1, The Bangkok Post reports, citing the country's Ministry of Health.

Passengers entering Thailand will no longer be required to present vaccination certificates or COVID-19 test results from October 1, and infected people with mild or no symptoms will not be required to isolate.

According to the newspaper, the Thai authorities have revised the degree of danger of coronavirus for the population and until September next year moved the infection from dangerous to monitored.

Mild or asymptomatic cases of coronavirus, although they will not be isolated, but they need to strict adherence to sanitary safety measures, in particular, do not remove the mask and stay away from the elderly.

According to the Thai Department of Disease Control, after strict adherence to anti-coronavirus measures, people with COVID-19 will also no longer need to take an antigen test.



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