Thailand approved the amount of tourist tax

The Thai authorities have approved the amount of the fee that will be charged to incoming tourists, and also determined the approximate date for its introduction.

Thailand approved tourism tax

It is planned that the fee will be from 150 baht (about 330 rubles) from tourists who arrive in Thailand through land borders, and up to 300 baht (650 rubles) from travelers arriving by plane. June 1, 2023 has been set as the preliminary date from which the fee will begin to be collected. This was reported by Interfax.

It was also decided that those who enter with diplomatic passports and work permits, as well as children under two years of age and transit passengers who intend to spend in Thailand will be exempted from the tourist tax less than 24 hours.

The Thai Immigration Bureau will introduce a rule whereby tourists can use their previous travel tax receipts when applying for a re-entry permit.

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