Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

Volcanic sketches reminiscent of Martian landscapes, exotic dark sand beaches and majestic ocean – only part of the bonuses you will receive in Tenerife in November. The island is still fresh, green and attractive so much that it invites you to explore every corner of it, see the volcano and walk barefoot along the edge of the ocean. Kidpassage will tell you where to relax and what to see on the island of the Canary archipelago in late autumn.

Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

Tenerife holidays in November: the pros and cons of a trip

The unique climate of the island allows you to use its tourist resource throughout the year, only slightly changing the ratio of beach and sightseeing holidays from winter to summer and vice versa. Reviews of holidays in Tenerife in November are just as enthusiastic, despite a slight decrease in air and water temperatures in the ocean. Let's denote the plusesof a November trip to the shores of the Atlantic.

  • In November it is not hot, and the water temperature practically does not differ from the air temperature. Beach holidays at this time are quite affordable, and the most daring still continue to swim.
  • Due to the moderate temperature regime, long walks and excursions can be combined with relaxing by the ocean in any quantities.
  • All attractions and entertainment are open and available for visiting, despite the imminent onset of winter.

There are practically no disadvantages of a November trip, however, when planning a trip, you should keep in mind that:

  • On evening walks and during an excursion to the volcano, you you will need warm clothes – it can be windy and quite chilly.
  • Compared to October, the number of rainy and cloudy days increases.
  • For relaxation, it is better to choose the southern part of the island in order to be able to swim.  The northern beaches are cool and windy towards the end of autumn.

The weather in Tenerife in November

Weather in November – December is no longer summery, occasionally overcast, sometimes rainy, but still allowing you to bring a beautiful Canarian tan from your vacation. Sometimes she makes adjustments to the vacation plan, but does not worsen it at all, only allows you to diversify and reminds you that warm clothes in your suitcase will not be superfluous.

The weather in early November can be as warm, with daytime temperatures around + 24 °С, and cool – with thermometer readings around +17 °C, however, at night the temperature does not fall below +14 °C.

Daytime temperature in Tenerife in mid-November is +17 °18 °C, sometimes rising to +21 °C. At night, the thermometers can drop to +10 °C, making the evenings quite cool.

The weather in Tenerife at the end of November becomes a little cooler than at the beginning of the month: daytime temperatures range from +14 °C to +20 °C, at night the thermometers stay at +10 °C to + 15 °С.

Air and water temperature

The climate of the island is considered curative and unique not only by those who have been here at least once, – it is recommended by doctors for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. No sharp cold snaps, no debilitating heat – there is nothing here that would cause stress in the body. So, in November, the island is warm, relatively sunny and there is no hint of an approaching winter.

Air temperature in Tenerife in November

The average daily temperature in Tenerife in November is +19.3 °С, at night – about +16.1 °C. In the south of the island, you will be able to soak up the beach on a warm sunny day, but it can be cool to enter the water.

Water temperature in Tenerife in November

The Atlantic holds heat well, and the water temperature in late autumn averages about +22.5 °C. However, for a full-fledged beach holiday, it is better to go to the southern beaches of Tenerife: it is more sunny and a little warmer there.


The number of rainy days in November is a little over four, and the total amount of precipitation, compared to the previous month, is slightly reduced – up to 68.7 mm. Rain is unlikely to interfere with your plans – usually it is not long, ends quickly and does not make any special changes in weather conditions.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

The length of daylight hours in November continues to decrease and is 10.5–11.1 hours.

The number of sunny days in Tenerife is also decreasing: by the end of autumn it is 40% of the total (12 days). Cloudy days are 10 & ndash; 11 (37%), and overcast days become more – about 7–8 days per month (23%).

Beach break

Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

Given the volatility of the weather at the end of autumn, you should choose the southern beaches of the island to relax by the ocean. In this part of Tenerife it is more sunny, not so windy and the water temperature is slightly higher. The beaches of the island are clean, with excellent infrastructure, they can satisfy the needs of the most demanding tourists.

Plaa de Las Vistas

This sandy coast, about a kilometer long, is ideal for families with children, and for a noisy youth company. Its location in the bay ensures the absence of waves, and the gentle entrance to the water makes the rest even more comfortable.

A fountain is installed in the center of the beach, there are hotels, cafes and restaurants on the coast. For a small fee, you can rent not only umbrellas and sun loungers, but also a left-luggage office. Shower and toilet are free.

La Pinta Beach

A picturesque beach with golden sand is located in the Costa Adeje area and is perfect for families with children. The entrance to the water is gentle, there are practically no waves thanks to the piers. A promenade with shops, bars and restaurants stretches along the coast. It is convenient to get here, public transport runs, there is parking.

The beach has a huge selection of water sports activities: diving, parasailing, trampolines, water skiing.

Excursion holidays in Tenerife

Walking and sightseeing in November will probably take up most of the time. In addition, the weather is favorable, and the tourist influx decreases by this period. On a sunny warm day, don't miss the opportunity to soak up the beach, and if the temperature drops, go explore the island.

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Basilica of Candelaria

Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

This is one of the most famous religious sites of the island, built in the city of the same name and representing a single architectural composition consisting of a church, a sanctuary (the place where the statue of the Black-faced Virgin of Candelaria is stored) and a monastery. Inside you will find a traditional interior, made in compliance with Catholic canons, and fresco painting, and outside – magnificent ocean scenery. Opposite the basilica, on the square, you will see bronze sculptures of all nine kings of the island.

A fascinating excursion can be made even on a cloudy day in early November – the majestic structure is beautiful in any weather.

Loro Parque

Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

Despite the fact that the name translates as “Parrot Park”, in more than 40 years of its existence it has turned into the richest zoo and botanical garden at the same time, offering several entertaining shows with the participation of feathered artists and an excursion to the pavilion where you can watch the feeding of chicks.

In addition to 500 species of birds, including rare and endangered species, the park has become home to penguins, some species of primates, rodents and even inhabitants of the seas and oceans. In mid-November, you can easily choose a cool, fine day to go on an exciting family walk.

Be sure to take a booklet with the show schedule at the entrance in order to have time to visit them all, and a detailed map of the park so as not to miss not a single interesting location.

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Artlandya Puppet Museum

Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

In the northern part of the island, in the small town of Icod de los Vinos, the Puppet Museum has been operating since 2012. He moved here from Austria with his owners – owners of a huge collection of handmade toys made by masters from different countries. Walking along the paths of the tropical garden, just go from house to house where the exhibits are located. You will see dolls made of various materials: porcelain, plastic, felt, wax, vinyl, fabric, papier-mâché.

At the end of November, a walk around the unusual estate will be an excellent addition to the excursion and entertainment program of your holiday. And the hospitable hosts will definitely treat you to a cup of coffee and fragrant fruits from their own garden.

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To visit with children will be of interest:

  • Museum of Nature and Man
  • < li>Garcia Sanabria Park

  • Auditorio de Tenerife
  • Forestal Park Tenerife Rope Park
  • Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park

Holidays, events, festivals

In addition to well-organized leisure activities with sightseeing and entertainment, you can visit the holidays in Tenerife in November. They pass here cheerfully, noisily, brightly and even tasty. So you will definitely diversify your holiday program.

All Saints DaySpaniards traditionally celebrate November 1st. On the island, this is an official holiday, when it is customary for whole families to attend a festive service, and then gather together at a large table. There is nothing surprising in zombies and witches walking along the street on this day. Join in the fun and be sure to try “holy bones” (marzipan cookies with yolk) and pancakes with cream – traditional dishes of the holiday.

In the middle of the month, November 16, La Laguna celebrates «Nights in White». This celebration of culture marks the beginning of preparations for Christmas. From the very morning, free theatrical and concert performances take place on the streets of the city, the doors of museums and galleries are open, costume processions and sports competitions take place. Until the morning of the next day, public transport runs, restaurants and cafes are open, and at night the Christmas illumination is lit for the first time.

On St. Andrew's Day, the patron saint of sailors and fishermen, November 29 and the island hosts a Wine Festival. By tradition, on this day, the owners of wineries taste the wine of the new crop for the first time. Everywhere they cook traditional Canarian food – skinned potatoes, fried cheese, gofio bread and fragrant roasted chestnuts.

Prices for holidays in November

The low season on the island has not yet arrived (and it probably doesn’t happen here), but the beaches have become a little empty, tourist activity has shifted towards attractions and has decreased slightly. For these reasons, prices in Tenerife also decrease in November, which makes a holiday at the end of autumn quite attractive.

Price of tours

By the end of autumn, the cost of vouchers becomes 18% lower compared to October and allows you to organize a budget family vacation in November on the ocean. Package tours booked in advance will cost even less, which will provide an opportunity to save more.


Airlines reduce the price of tickets by 11%, so the flight will also cost less, than the previous month. Considering that in November you can still bring a beautiful Canarian tan from Tenerife, a budget flight will be a very profitable offer.


The average cost of living for one person per day remains unchanged and can be reduced by no more than 1-2%. So, in November, as in October, it is about 85 euros per person.

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Meals and transfers

Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

Despite the decline in tourist activity towards the end of autumn, food prices usually remain the same. They can differ only in the level and location of the institution.

Any cafe will offer you a light breakfast, and its cost is unlikely to exceed 3–5 euros. Lunch or dinner in a restaurant will cost much more, in a small cafe or tavern the cost will be less.

Spanish cuisine is diverse: traditional tapas, paella, goat stew and frangoyo dessert – only a small part of the dishes without which it is difficult to imagine Tenerife. Here they appreciate and know how to cook the famous meat delicacies – jamon and spicy chorizo ​​sausages, and in the fishing villages you will be treated to special fish dishes.

The bus service on the island is developed and works perfectly. The Guagua (local green buses) run on schedule and their routes are marked on the windshield. This fact is especially important considering that stops in both directions can be on the same side due to one-way traffic on many streets.

It is more convenient to pay for the fare using the – so it will be much lower. To do this, attach the card to the device behind the driver's seat at the entrance, and then at the exit – it will only be debited for the distance you traveled.

Recommendations for families with children

Tenerife in November: off the coast of the autumn Atlantic

< /p>

Vacation on the island of a dormant volcano in November – great idea. A huge number of natural attractions and entertainment will not let you get bored. However, for holidays with kids, it is better to choose August – September, so that the stay on the beach and in the water is comfortable. If a beach holiday is not a priority for you, then for long walks November – quite a good month.

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Do not forget that the temperature can drop below +20 &deg ;C, so warm clothes in a suitcase – travel requirement. In addition, not all days of the month are sunny, so be prepared for cloudy and occasional rainy days. Plan your vacation according to the weather and our recommendations.

We hope that the tips from our portal will help make your vacation interesting, rich and informative. We wish you great weather and as many sunny days as possible on the island of eternal spring.

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