Taiwan hotels to soon remove disposable toiletries

It is expected that such a procedure will be introduced from July, and absolutely all hospitality enterprises will fall under the law

Taiwan hotels will soon remove disposable toiletries

Taiwan hotels want to remove disposable shampoos, toothbrushes and soap.  This measure is designed to reduce plastic waste, which will improve the environment on the island.

Local authorities are preparing a bill according to which hotels will not be able to place 180 ml plastic bottles in their rooms and less – these are the ones used for shampoo and shower gel. Disposable toothbrushes, razors, shower caps will also be banned.

Now travelers will have to carry the necessary supplies with them. However, the opportunity to receive a one-time set will remain, it can be requested from the hotel.

It is expected that such an order will be introduced from July, and absolutely all hospitality enterprises, including hostels and campsites, will fall under the law . Those who do not obey will be punished with fines, for starters, small ones – from $ 50 to 250.

In connection with the installation on environmental friendliness, the hotel business is looking for new service options. So, hotels began to switch to the use of reusable vials and bottles. For example, the fashionable Grand Hyatt Taipei plans to lay out shampoos in large containers by the summer. And in Taipei's Palais de Chine, customers are already quenching their thirst from glass bottles. The hotel saves 320,000 plastic bottles annually.



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