Tagil or Manchester: which tourists are more annoying in Turkey?

Tagil or Manchester: Which tourists are more annoying in Turkey? /></p>
<p> Noisy, drunk and ill-mannered — this is the opinion about the behavior of Russian tourists in Turkish resorts among vacationers from other countries. The competition for our people is the British: for example, according to a survey conducted in Germany, the Germans equally dislike both Russians and the British – the former for bad manners and love for selfies, the latter for their excessive addiction to alcohol and the habit of taking sun loungers on the beach. </p>
<p>What else is Tagil and Manchester scolded for on tourism forums? </p>
<h2>They drink a lot</h2>
<p>The main claim to both those and others is excessive drunkenness on vacation. “A lot is written about the fact that Russian tourists are hell! That we cannot behave culturally in any country. We get drunk, rowdy, quarrel with the staff, ”complains a traveler from Russia. “You just haven’t seen drunken Germans in all inclusive, after that ours will just seem like bunnies. And only drunken Englishmen are worse than drunken Germans”, “The British drink so much on vacation that the Russians can’t compete with them!” Other forum visitors add. </p>
<p>“In the evening, drunken Englishwomen came to our terrace. And drunk to such an extent that they mixed up the gate, sat on our porch and continued the banquet! They just didn’t notice us!!!,” Russian tourists say. sized/f550x700/5d/mo/5dmom806bw4ccscg88w84kcs8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”><source srcset=

Tagil or Manchester: which tourists are more annoying in Turkey?

They fight

Nobody likes the habit of our vacationers to sort things out loudly. “One aunt in a hotel at dinner was yelling in a bad voice in the middle of a full restaurant at the managers, waiters and a security guard gathered around her, why they don’t take her for a person,” this is how a Russian woman describes the behavior of a Russian woman on one of the forums about Turkey. The reputation of brawlers was confirmed by the Russians and the British in 2019 by arranging a mass brawl in Antalya, in which the British broke his arm, and the Russian – the nose.

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