Swiss Airlines to record boarding passengers on video cameras

Swiss Airlines will record passengers boarding the plane on video cameras

Unlike airlines that moved to automatic reconciliation of passenger data using boarding pass scanners, Swiss flight attendants are still required to conduct a manual count to ensure that no stowaways managed to get on board.

Until now, this process was carried out using a manual clicker, but now SWISS is introducing AI cameras. They will record the passengers boarding the aircraft.

The test will take place at Zurich Airport from April to June, after which it will be seen whether artificial intelligence can revolutionize the landing process.

Records collected during the test will be used to train the artificial intelligence program.

SWISS declares at the same time that it gives “primary attention” to data security and protection.

At first, flight attendants will still need to manually count passengers, as it is still unknown whether the camera will be able to work in different light levels and whether artificial intelligence will be able to detect, for example, a parent carrying a baby.

In an attempt to reassure worried passengers, SWISS was quick to announce that the recordings would be deleted in full compliance with strict European privacy and data protection laws.

“None of them will be identified,” — the airline said in a statement. “In addition, only visual images will be recorded, and only in the area of ​​the doors of the aircraft. No further recordings, such as audio, are provided. “After the testing is completed, SWISS will analyze the results and then decide on further actions and possible implementation.”

Passengers will be notified before boarding that a test video is being taken on their flight, but SWISS did not say if there is passengers the opportunity to refuse such “registration”.

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