Sweden lifts all restrictions on foreign tourists, including vaccinations and tests

Sweden lifts all restrictions for foreign tourists, including vaccinations and tests

From April 1, Sweden will abandon all existing protocols related to COVID-19. The decision came after the authorities announced that the virus was “no longer classified as a threat to public health and a danger to society.”

“We have already lifted the ban for EU citizens. Now the government has decided to open the borders for travelers from third countries, — Justice and Home Secretary Morgan Johansson said in a statement. “This will make life much easier for everyone who has not been allowed to come to Sweden in recent years due to the pandemic.” 

Currently, non-Europeans are allowed to enter Sweden, but for this, according to the Swedish Police authorities, they must present either a vaccination certificate or proof of a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours.

The decision to lift the ban comes more than a month after Sweden lifted internal restrictions on COVID-19 in restaurants, and in public transport, even during peak hours, they were allowed to travel without masks. Since then, the Swedish airline SAS has stopped wearing masks on domestic flights and flights within Scandinavia.

At present, an average of 1,130 new cases of infection are recorded daily in Sweden. For comparison, in January there were more than 53,000 cases daily. Just over 74 percent of Swedes have been vaccinated.

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