Staff attacked a Russian tourist at a hotel in a popular resort

A Russian tourist was attacked by staff at a popular resort hotel

The incident occurred at a famous Indian resort – at a hotel in the Morjim resort in North Goa: a Russian tourist, who was relaxing in her room, was attacked by staff hotel. As a result of the proceedings, the attackers were arrested, which is good news.

According to the Hindustan Times, Russian tourist Aigul D filed a police report claiming that two unidentified men entered her hotel room while she was sleeping. When she woke up, one of them was holding her while the other clamped over her mouth, injuring her. The tourist was allegedly attacked for the purpose of robbery – and, as it turned out, the attackers were from among the hotel staff.

According to the police, after registering the complaint of the victim, the hotel staff was interrogated. As a result, two employees were detained – a waiter and an electrician. Both of them, after interrogation, admitted that they attacked the Russian woman.

“During the investigation, all employees of the Grand Inn hotel in Morjim were detained, and after careful interrogation, the suspects Abinash Goria, 29, who worked as a waiter, and Mohammed Khan, 26 years old, who worked as an electrician in a hotel, confessed to that crime. Both have been arrested,” said North Goa Police Chief Nidin Valsan.

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