Snow and -8°C: a cold winter has come to Egypt

Snow and -8°C: a cold winter has come to Egypt

Egypt is still “inside” the cold front – a cold winter by Egyptian standards has come to the “Russian winter health resort”. The head of the resort region, Major General Khaled Fuda, the governor of South Sinai, even voiced a warning in the local media, in which he described cold weather, unusual for Egypt, down to -8 ° C and snowfall. True, such an “extreme”, of course, is not found everywhere, but on Mount St. Catherine, according to weather forecasters, it snows in the past, and a serious minus is possible at night. And this mountain, like the mountain of Moses, is an extremely popular tourist destination.

Presented Egyptian meteorologists and other cold snap warnings. So, in some areas of northern Upper Egypt (this is Luxor and Aswan – where a huge number of Russian tourists also travel), temperatures drop to only + 6 ° C at night; in Cairo it was +18°C during the day and +10°C at night. In addition, heavy rains are possible in some provinces of Egypt.

Since rains are an infrequent weather event for Egypt, local residents and tourists are warned to be careful on the roads, keep their distance, do not park cars under something that may fall . In addition, tourists are warned in case of rain not to stand under advertising banners and stay away from lighting masts “to avoid electric shock.”

As for the weather, the resorts are also cool at night. In Sharm el-Sheikh, the temperature dropped to + 7-11 ° C at night, but by the end of the week it promises to level off to + 12-16 degrees. During the day it steadily warms up to +21°C. Fortunately, the weather is sunny, weather forecasters do not promise rains and even clouds. In Hurghada at night from +12°C to +15°C, during the day – the same +21°C. A couple of cloudy days are likely at the end of the week and the beginning of the next, but the resort should also avoid serious bad weather.

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