Sights of Slovakia: Top 21

Slovak Attractions: Top 21

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The sights of Slovakia, despite the modest size of the state itself, please with their diversity. On the territory of the country there are many beautiful lakes, spectacular mountains, caves, geysers. What to see in Slovakia, we will now figure it out.

What to see in Slovakia in the first place?

It is impossible not to fall in love with the country that will be discussed. It pleases tourists not only with ski and thermal resorts, but also with delicious national dishes. Separately, it is worth noting the flavor of the locals, which is reflected in most of the sights of Slovakia.

1. The Old Town of Bratislava

Slovak Attractions: Top 21

Bratislava Old Town Buildings

It is not difficult to guess that a large number of historical monuments are concentrated in this place. It does not do on the streets without government agencies, offices. The western part of the settlement is represented by a hilly surface, there is a castle, embassies of various countries. The eastern section of the Old Town is the historical and administrative center. Many monuments, churches and other sights are concentrated on the territory.

2. Yasovska Cave

Slovakia attractions: Top 21

Stalactite cave in the Slovak Karst National Park Traveltipy

Excursions in Slovakia are often organized from the town of Stos in the direction of the village of Jasov. There is an underground formation interesting for tourists, namely, on the territory of a park of national importance. There is a Premonstratensian monastery nearby, so until some time the cave was used exclusively by monks. The total length of the dungeon reaches 2811 m, but only 720 m are open for excursions. The described landmark of Slovakia is interesting for its bizarre limestone layers, underground waterfalls. The halls inside are located at different levels, the differences between them sometimes reach 30 m.

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3. Spiš Castle

Slovakia attractions: Top 21

An ancient majestic building on a treeless mountain

We continue the topic of what to see in Slovakia. Not everyone knows, but in this country it is customary to call castles “grads”. The one that will be discussed is one of the largest in the country. The construction of Spišský began in the 11th century, based on the remains of a Celtic settlement. The castle repeatedly successfully repelled enemy attacks, all because it was built on dolomite rocks, 200 m high. It was repeatedly rebuilt, reconstructed, so the Renaissance, Romanesque Gothic can be traced in the architecture of the building. Today, the building houses a museum that presents medieval items of utensils, furniture, weapons and armor to the attention of guests.

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4. Aquapark Tatralandia

Top 21 Things to Do in Slovakia

Year-round water park Tatralandia Pavel Ševela

What to visit in Slovakia? Of course, the entertainment water center, which is located on the territory of 16 hectares. The main feature of the water park is that it works all year round. In it you can not only have a good time, but also celebrate a birthday, have fun with friends. Just imagine, in 11 pools mineral water is supplied from a depth of 2500 m. It is there that the relict sea is located, which 40 million years ago was on the surface of the Liptov Basin. In some artificial reservoirs, the water temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius, which makes it healing.

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< h3> 5. Trencian Castle

Slovakia attractions: Top 21

Trenčianske Castle on top of a rocky hill Marian Hubinsky

Another attraction of Slovakia is the castle, which arose on the site where there once was an old settlement. Then a semicircular building with a dome and a residential tower “grew up”. The description says that over time, the fortress was repeatedly completed. And it belonged for a certain period of time to the powerful nobleman Matus Chak. Guides in Slovakia, when visiting this place, draw the attention of tourists to such components of the complex as Barbara's Palace, Matusov's tower, Cannon bastion. It is impossible not to note the uniqueness of these defensive structures, their scale leaves no one indifferent.

6. Spisska Sobota

Slovak attractions: Top 21

Spisska Sobota Historical Building

In continuation of the topic of what to visit in Slovakia, I would like to pay attention to the tourist entertainment area of ​​Poprad. Once it was a separate city with a rich history. Now it attracts with a large number of old buildings, cafes, hotels. Despite the attractiveness of this place, tourists do not go here in crowds, so it can be called quiet and calm. What to see in Slovakia, namely in Spisska Sobota? In the most beautiful area of ​​Poprad, historically important objects are concentrated on Rynok Square. We are talking about the church of St. Juraj, with an old column, on top of which a statue of the Virgin Mary flaunts. No less attractive objects are the bell tower and the city hall building.

Watch the magnificent views of Slovakia in this beautiful video!

7. UFO observation deck in Bratislava

Slovakia attractions: Top 21

Bridge over the Danube with a UFO observation deck in Bratislava

This is a unique attraction in Slovakia, because at the top of the pylon there is a structure that resembles an unidentified flying object. The observation deck itself is located on the bridge of the national uprising, which is something contradictory. It does not connect the inhabitants of the city, but on the contrary, it divides. The length of the bridge is 431 m, it is suspended from just one pylon. It is on its top that the famous observation deck is located along with a restaurant. You can get there by an elevator hidden on the left side of the supports, it takes 45 seconds to a bird's eye view. Just imagine what kind of photos you can take from there.

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8. Main square of Bratislava

Slovakia attractions: Top 21

The picturesque Market Square of the city of Bratislava

This landmark of Slovakia is the center of the Old Town of the small capital of the state. Locals and tourists note how organically connected architectural styles are, such as baroque, classicism, gothic. When reviewing an important place, one cannot fail to notice many small trees, in the shade of which there are restaurants, cafes, shops, galleries. It is on this square that fairs are held in honor of Easter, Christmas, all this cannot but attract guests of the country.

9. City of Bardejov

Slovak Attractions: Top 21

Bardejov is a preserved medieval town < p>A trip in this direction will please those who want not only to experience unusual beauty, discovering masterpieces of art, but also to relax in an exceptional environment. The unique settlement is one of the main attractions, and it is located in the north-east of the country. Its most valuable part is the Town Hall Square, which flaunts bourgeois houses made in the Gothic style, the basilica minor, the former city hall. It was in this building, demonstrating the Renaissance style, that the famous exhibition of the Sarish Museum was placed for the first time on the territory of the state. Reviews about the city of Bardejov are only positive.

10. Skok Waterfall

Slovak Attractions: Top 21

Panorama of the Momin Skok waterfall

The main advantage of this attraction in Slovakia is its location in an easily accessible place. The waterfall is perfectly visible from the shore of a nearby lake, and you can get to the natural treasure along a marked hiking trail. The height of the water fall is 25 m, the impressions of what you see depend largely on the time of year. The fact is that in the spring season, water is transported from a hill in the amount of 50 l/s, and in summer it reaches 900 l/s.

11. Devin Castle

Slovak attractions: Top 21

Ruins of Devin Castle

To be more precise, the described landmark of Slovakia is the ruins of an ancient fortress. Due to the well-chosen building material, namely its color and texture, the castle was like a continuation of the mountain. In the 13th century, it performed an exclusively defensive function, protecting the borders of Hungary. On the way to the fortress, you can stumble upon the place where the Byzantine-style Orthodox church used to stand. In the ranking of the best attractions, it takes far from the last place. After visiting the ruins of the castle, pay attention to the well in the courtyard. The defenders of the fortress drank water from it during sieges. Near it there is even a platform from which Austria is visible. There is still an observation area near the remains of the guard tower.

12. St. Elizabeth's Church

Attractions in Slovakia: Top 21

Church of St. Elizabeth or Blue Church

The capital of Slovakia is rich in interesting places, one of the most significant is the Blue Church. At one time it was built in the Art Nouveau style, by the way, heavenly shades prevail inside as well, the main decoration of the interior is the Italian mosaic. The decoration was not without oriental motifs, it is known that, according to the architect's idea, the existing decorative elements were supposed to symbolize the conquests in the east of the country. The church is one of those places worth seeing in Slovakia in 1 day.

13. City of Banska Stiavnica

Slovak attractions: Top 21

Panorama of Banska Stiavnica

When organizing your trip, it will not be superfluous to include in the plan of visits the ten-thousandth town founded back in 1156. It is located between the Štiavnicki mountains. Despite the fact that the settlement was founded as a mining one, during the entire period of its existence, coal dust never enveloped the settlement. The reason was that it was not coal that was mined there, but precious metals and stones. On the territory of the settlement, there are about 360 historically important objects that form a whole complex. Until today, artificial lakes have been preserved in the mountainous landscape, trails were laid around them especially for tourists.

14. Bojnice Castle

Slovakia attractions: Top 21

Boinice Castle – Slovak “Versailles”

What to see in Slovakia to get hooked? There is a small town of Bojnitz in this country, where a castle flaunts on a travertine rock, unique for its turrets, a vast park, and the presence of an underground cave. It was built back in the 9th century, namely for the family of the royal family. During its existence, it was rebuilt several times. On the recommendation of many tourists, one should not miss the opportunity to appreciate a real work of art in the form of a Bojnice altar. It is located in one of the towers of the castle, and was made by a Florentine master in the XIV century.

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15. Tatra National Park

Attractions in Slovakia: Top 21

Lake in the Tatra National Park

We continue the conversation on the topic of what to see in Slovakia. The reserve known as the Low Tatras deserves attention. On the territory of the country, it is considered one of the largest parks of natural origin. Its value is made up of numerous karst caves, they are decorated with limestone formations. Attention is also attracted by low mountain ranges with a length of 95 km. It is noteworthy that their tops have a characteristic angularity. This is due to the convergence of glaciers.

16. Bratislava Castle

Slovak sights: Top 21

Bratislava Castle – a landmark of Bratislava

Have you paid attention to what is depicted on numerous samples of souvenirs? There we see the most famous building of the capital. We are talking about such sights of Slovakia as Bratislava Castle, which rises directly above the city. It includes 4 wings united by low towers, which makes the castle look like an overturned stool. It is interesting to know that its walls at one time withstood even under the pressure of the Mongols. What is in the palace today? Its premises are occupied by two museums dedicated to folk music.

Sightseeing in Slovakia: what else to visit in Slovakia?

There are no problems with hotels in Slovakia, you only need to find a room in advance and book it. This can be done using the Internet, namely specialized sites. Where else to go in Slovakia?

17. Dobšinska Ice Cave

Slovak sights: Top 21

View of the Dobšinsk Ice Cave dariusz woźniak

This interesting place is located on the territory of the reserve, in the Low Tatras. The ice cave is one of the most interesting and largest, therefore it was included in the UNESCO list. Just imagine, the layers of frozen water in some halls reach a thickness of 25 m, and all this was formed over many centuries. The ice here is formed by cascades, columns, huge accumulations of crystals and stalactites are visible everywhere. Interestingly, the entrance to the unique cave was formed after the arch of the underground bag collapsed, and tourists go through it.

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18. Levoča

Slovak attractions: Top 21

Town Hall and St. Jacob's Cathedral in Levoča

Would you like more information on what to see in Slovakia? Get it. The old town, which was inhabited by 14 thousand people, deserves attention. Its development was facilitated by trade, which over time reached an international level. Selling mostly handicrafts. Although the town is small, it has interesting places. This refers to the Marianska Gora, Master Pavel's Square.

19. Vlkolinec

Attractions of Slovakia: Top 21

Exhibits of the village-museum Vlkolinec

On the territory of the described state there are many mountain villages, one of these is Vlkolinets. The uniqueness of the old farm lies in the complete absence of modern buildings, despite the fact that the yard is in the 21st century, the locals continue to live like their ancestors. For example, they have wells instead of running water, and private shops instead of supermarkets. Traditional for this region are pink, blue and white. Wooden houses are painted in them.

20. Lake Strbske Pleso

Top 21 things to do in Slovakia

The mirror surface of the mountain lake Strbske Pleso

It is one of the most beautiful reservoirs in the High Tatras. It was formed by glaciers that descended from the mountains in prehistoric times. If you decide to go to this area, remember that the best view of the lake opens from the territory of the ski center Areal of Dreams.

21. St. Martin's Cathedral (Bratislava)

Slovak Attractions: Top 21

St. Martin's Cathedral El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Vid

The last thing on the list of what to see in Slovakia, but no less interesting, is the cathedral, which was first a parish, then a university and coronation. The interior is opulent and the highlight is a local organ made in 2010, worth 1 million euros.

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Given the number of attractions, we can conclude that there really is something to see in Slovakia. Whatever time of the year you visit it, in any case, you will be satisfied. Read also about the best attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and get inspired for your next trip to Europe!

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