Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

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We are considering a state located in South-Eastern Europe. It occupies part of the Balkan Peninsula and has a total area of ​​51.2 thousand square kilometers. The name of the country alone attracts increased attention of tourists. This is not surprising, because a very fascinating story is connected with it, which is told on local excursions. If we talk about the sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are many of them. Each guest of the state will find for himself a suitable list of interesting places that he would like to visit in the first place. This is mainly due to historical features, because the country was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, after which it was taken over by Austria-Hungary. Natural features, the location of the state also have a certain influence. To understand how to plan an excursion schedule, what to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina, carefully read all the places that are in demand by tourists, choose the most interesting ones.

What to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina first of all

< p>As soon as you arrive in the state, try to pay attention to the most popular attractions and visit them first. Be sure to include architectural, historical, natural and cultural monuments in the program. Start exploring the sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina from these places:

1. Mostar Old Town

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

Panorama Old Town Mostar

The old city of Mostar is the fifth largest city in the state. It got its name thanks to the bridge located on the Neretva River, built back in 1566 by the Ottoman Turks. The bridge was subsequently destroyed. It happened during the Bosnian war. But, in 2004, it was restored and made the main symbol of the city, denoting its return to life. Exploring the surroundings and getting to know the local history is very interesting, so be sure to include Mostar in your excursion program.

2. The Neretva River

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Picturesque river Neretva

The Neretva River – its length is 225 km and 203 km falls on the territory of the state under study. Its role for the state should not be underestimated. There is a claim that the significance of the Neretva is comparable to the importance of the Nile for Egypt. The river is famous for its crystal clear, sometimes quite cold water. Several cities stand on it at once: Konits, Jablanica, Mostar, Chaplina. Neretva is also known for the battle that took place here in 1943. A historical film was later made on its basis.

3. Sutjeska National Park

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

Landscape of Sutjeska National Park

The Sutjeska National Park is one of the oldest natural sites of its kind in the Sutjeska Republic. It was founded in 1962. Despite the small area of ​​only 17,000 hectares, the park is of great importance. It is on its territory that one of the four prehistoric forests of Europe is located. Also here is the highest mountain in the state. Another pride is the memorial complex “Valley of Heroes”. Nature itself attracts attention. The territory is dominated by mountain slopes, but you can also find colorful valleys with rich flora and clear lakes. In terms of flora, there are about 2,500 species of plants growing in the park. The animal world is also quite rich. On the territory you can meet wild boars, bears, wolves and other representatives of the fauna. There are about 300 species of birds in the park. If you love nature, while exploring the sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, be sure to include Sutjeska Park in your excursion plan.

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4. Markale Square

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

City market on Markale Square Jennifer Boyer

Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, when, thanks to its convenient location at the crossroads of important trade routes, the area became the foundation point of the market. In 1994, a series of explosions took place here, organized during the Serbian-Bosnian conflict. As a result, 43 people died. Fortunately, all the troubles are behind us, today Markale Square is a very lively place where many shops, cafes and restaurants operate. Thinking about how to organize an excursion program, this object should not be missed.

5. Latin Bridge in Sarajevo

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

The famous Latin Bridge in Sarajevo

Despite the apparent unremarkable, the object is of great historical importance. It was here that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary took place, which was the beginning of the First World War. The scale of the conflict can not be mentioned. Each of us knows well how serious the war was. If we talk about the history of the bridge itself, it began in the 16th century. At that time, a wooden structure stood in place of the modern version. It was destroyed by a flood and in the 18th century a bridge appeared that we see today – made of stone and plaster.

See the beautiful places of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this wonderful video!

6. Kravice Waterfall

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

View from above to the Kravice waterfall

According to tourists, this is one of the most beautiful places in the state, so if you have not yet decided what to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina, be sure to visit this site. Already watching the beauty of nature and the water flying from a height of 26-28 meters, you will get a lot of positive impressions. Please note that there is not one waterfall here, but several, and they form a semicircle with a diameter of 120 meters in the complex. Visiting this attraction, you can not only get visual enjoyment, but have a good rest. Bring your swimming trunks or swimsuit. In the reviews you can find information that the entrance for tourists is paid. Check the price before visiting the object. Nearby there is a small restaurant where you can have a delicious meal.

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7. Old Bridge

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Pedestrian Old Bridge

We mentioned it earlier. This is a pedestrian arch bridge, which is located in the city of Mostar. It has great architectural and historical value. The bridge was built between 1557-1566. In the 17th century, two fortress towers were completed on the sides. In 1993, the bridge was destroyed, and it was reconstructed only in 2003-2004. Today, the object is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which once again confirms its value. Therefore, if you are interested in the most famous sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, do not miss the chance to visit the old bridge.

Official website: http://tourguidemostar

8 The Royal Mosque in Sarajevo

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

The oldest Royal Mosque in Sarajevo

This is the oldest mosque in the state. Its construction was carried out in the 15th century, but as a result of a fire, the mosque was completely destroyed. Reconstruction was organized in the 16th century. Today, the mosque is open to everyone.

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9. Moricha Khan Caravanserai

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Moricha Khan Caravanserai Jennifer Boyer

It was originally built for merchants who traveled to the Adriatic. Here they could live for a certain time. Now it is a favorite place for tourists. In addition to souvenir shops, cafes with national cuisine are attracted, because everyone who arrives in a previously unfamiliar state definitely wants to get acquainted with local dishes. There is also a gallery here, which you can visit if you wish.

10. Vrelo-Bosne Nature Park

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Vrelo-Bosne Nature Park

It was founded during the time of the Austro-Hungarians. In the 20th century there was a military conflict, as a result of which the area was badly damaged. The park was restored in 2000. A visit to this attraction of Bosnia and Herzegovina will appeal to those who love nature. Here you can take pictures, ride a horse-drawn carriage, relax in a local restaurant.

11. National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Facade of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina Jennifer Boyer

Attracts with a huge number of exhibits that make visiting the site very exciting. The building itself was built in 1888, and therefore has a significant architectural value.

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12. Jahorina

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

Jahorina – mountain and ski resort

Popular ski resort. From October to May, the mountain slopes are under a meter layer of snow. That is why a large number of hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina are concentrated here, offering comfortable accommodation to tourists.

13. Bascarsija Square

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Sebil Fountain in the center of Bascarsija Square Daniel Wabyick

It is considered the historical and cultural center of Sarajevo. It bears the title of the main shopping area of ​​the capital. It was built in 1462, when the city itself was founded. From the square you can easily get to almost any area of ​​Sarajevo. The main and most significant object was a wooden fountain, decorated in pseudo-Moorish style. It is considered the symbol of the whole city. Thinking about what to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the square should be put in the first places of the excursion plan. There are several attractions here at once: the clock tower, the mosque of Gazi Khusrev Bey. There is also a market where everyone can buy all kinds of souvenirs to remember the trip.

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14. Military Tunnel

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Part of the Military Tunnel

This is a private museum built in a 20-meter long tunnel. Previously, the tunnel was used to protect the population during a military conflict, and the total length was 700 meters. Now it is a museum that everyone can visit.

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15. Medjugorje

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Candle Park in Mezhdhirya

This is a small village that attracted attention with the appearance of the Virgin. Her image on the hill was seen by six local children. Despite the fact that this fact has no confirmation, pilgrims often visit a significant place, and tourists, when planning excursions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, include it in their program. Also in Mezhdhirya, it is worth visiting the Church of St. Jacob, the Park of Candles.

16. Gazi Khusrev Bey Mosque

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Mosque of Gazi Khusrev Bey donchili

This is a prime example of Ottoman style architecture. The building was built in the 16th century. The name of the mosque was given in honor of a local philanthropist who took an active part in the construction carried out in Sarajevo. Those who wish to visit this attraction should familiarize themselves with the schedule of prayers. Only after they are completed, you can see the object.

17. Old Town of Sarajevo

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Old Quarter of Sarajevo

A unique city that belongs to the important sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital of the state is often called European Jerusalem. And for the population, it is just as important in importance. Due to the fact that at different times the territory was in the possession of different nations, here you can see a radically contradictory architecture. Pigeon Square, which is called the heart of Sarajevo, became the center.

18. Mount Maglic

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Mount Maglic is the highest point in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Climbing to its top is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions. Guests of the country enjoy the beauties of the surrounding nature and fresh air, and from the top of the mountain they can view the surroundings, enjoying an excellent view. Maglic is considered the highest point of the state. Its height is 2387 meters. Nearby you can see the beautiful Lake Trnovacko.

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: what else to visit?

Continuing to talk about what to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we note a few more important sights. They are also worthy of attention, they are of high value for the country:

19. City of Kupres

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Panorama of the city of Kupres Anto (talk)

It is located in the north of the state and is a popular ski resort. There are four ski slopes, a lot of interesting places. If there is not enough natural snow to organize a good rest, special snow cannons are used. The resort has several hotels and inns where tourists can stay. If you want to go to a picturesque place, have an active and entertaining time, breathe fresh and clean air, choose Coopers. The journey promises to be exciting.

20. Visegrad Bridge

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Fif' Mehmed Pasha Bridge < p>It is considered one of the main attractions of the country and Visegrad. There is a mention of him in a book dated 1945, written by Nobel laureate Ivo Andric. In 2007, the bridge was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which once again confirmed its value. When thinking where to go in Bosnia and Herzegovina, be sure to visit the bridge. The attraction can be seen in the photo of many booklets and guides.

21. Stechki

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

Monumental medieval tombstones in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTOS)

Stechki at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiHVolim

These are unique medieval tombstones, which are decorated with unusual carvings. They are located in the town of Zabljak. Tombstone samples with descriptions are on display at the National Museum.

Official website: http://www.zemaljskimuzej

22. Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sarajevo

The main Catholic church of the capital, located in the heart of the city. The building was built in 1889, having decorated Notre Dame de Paris in an unusual style. Inside the cathedral you can see unique stained glass windows. Thinking what to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1 day, do not miss the opportunity to visit the cathedral. In addition, you will most likely pass nearby anyway, because the main attractions are concentrated in the capital.

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23. Tito's refuge in Drvar

Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Top 23 (PHOTO)

Tito's refuge in Drvar Sadko

This is a cave, which is located near the town of Drvar. During the Second World War, it was used as a shelter. Very interesting and informative stories are connected with this place. Since 1944 the cave has become a museum. And if you are interested in the best sights of the state, do not leave this object unattended. Those who have already had the opportunity to visit the cave leave positive feedback about the tour.

Having studied the main sights, you can easily make a suitable excursion route that allows you to get the maximum amount of pleasure and positive emotions. Rest assured that your trip will be as successful as possible. You can organize a tour on your own or take advantage of the offers of professionals. Guides in Bosnia and Herzegovina offer a wide range of services, among which you are sure to choose the right options. To find the most interesting objects, check out the special ratings and recommendations of those who have already been to this state.

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