Sights of Bakhchisarai with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

 Sights of Bakhchisaray with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

According to numerous authoritative sources, the sights of Bakhchisaray for Crimea play a very important role. They also attract the attention of tourists who come here on vacation, want to make their pastime more varied and exciting.

Bakhchisaray sights: what to see first of all

First of all, the city is remarkable for its historical sites, because it was founded in 1532, and many monuments have been preserved since the Middle Ages. If we take a closer look at the map of sights of Bakhchisarai, we should definitely note the Khan's Palace – the pride of the Crimean city. He evoked rave reviews from everyone who managed to visit here.

Sights of Bakhchisarai with description 2021 (PHOTO)

Facade of the Khan's Palace in Bakhchisarai

Khan's Palace

The complex is a vivid example of the Crimean Tatar architecture and is a real small town with mosques, richly decorated with mausoleums. This can be seen even in the photo of the sights of Bakhchisarai and the Khan's Palace. Of course, one can only examine the object in detail live, noting that it evokes the atmosphere of the ancient East, surprises with each of its elements. But, even from photographs, you can understand how unique the building is in front of you, and that in no case should you miss the opportunity to visit it.

Construction of the palace began in the 16th century. The decision to build it was made on the basis of the need for a khan's residence. And with every khan who had the opportunity to live here, some new addition appeared in the palace. Of course, everyone wanted to make their own changes, to be remembered by posterity. We see the result today.

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Sights of Bakhchisaray with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

Bust of A.S. Pushkin at the fountain of tears in the Wardlemke Khan's Palace

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The Khan's Palace is considered the main attraction of Bakhchisarai. In addition, it contains another very interesting object – the Fountain of Tears. In appearance, it is unremarkable, but its history and legends amaze everyone who has been here. Do not lose sight of Khan-Jami – the great Khan's mosque. This is a rectangular building in two tiers, with a hipped tiled roof. The object is made in the Ottoman style, in appearance it is not very remarkable. But its interior decoration is much brighter, it surprises with its chic and nobility.

Sights of Bakhchisaray with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

Khan-Jami Mosque in the Khan's Palace

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Sary-Gyuzel bath complex

Excursions in Bakhchisaray must include the Sary-Gyuzel bath complex in their itinerary. These are unique bathhouses that served not only for ablution, but also for entertainment of the local nobility. They are made in the Byzantine style, they look very rich.

Sights of Bakhchisarai with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

Sary-Gyuzel bathhouse in Bakhchisarai Seitmemetoff

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Additionally, you must visit:

City Park of Miniatures

All guides in Bakhsisaray recommend visiting this amazing creation of human hands. The object is relatively young, it was opened in 2013. But, even despite the short period of existence, a huge number of guests managed to visit here. The park is in all guidebooks with photos and descriptions of the sights of Bakhchisarai. And not a single visitor and resident of the city itself wants to miss the opportunity to see a small copy of Crimea with all its sights. It is in this version that the park is made, and it occupies about 2.5 hectares of land. All products are made of high quality materials, accurately reproduce real sources;

Sights of Bakhchisaray with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

Expositions of the park of miniatures in Bakhchisarai

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Holy Dormition Monastery

A unique work of architecture. Against the background of ancient rocks, we see a building created more than 1000 years ago. In appearance, it is unremarkable, but if you delve into history, you can find out many interesting facts and legends associated with this place. That is why we are talking about one of the most important sights of the city of Bakhchisarai, without understatement;

Sights of Bakhchisarai with description 2021 (PHOTO)

Holy Assumption Monastery in Bakhchisarai

Chufut-Kale Fortress

The fortress of Chufut-Kale is the place where the Karaites lived – an ancient people. It is located on hills that are difficult to access, therefore it served for a long time as a support for the Crimean khans during the struggle against the Golden Horde for independence. Given the enormous historical significance, the object is ranked among the important sights of Bakhchisaray and its environs. It is located 2.5 km east of the city;

Sights of Bakhchisarai with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

Chufut-Kale fortress in Bakhchisaray


Medieval cave monastery. In some sources, it is known as a cave city, has not a single century, so the object is of federal importance, it is protected as an important reminder. Kachi-Kalyon is a complex of caves formed by nature. Previously, there was an ancient settlement here, and this fact is reflected in numerous sources. The only thing that could not be established was the scale of the settlement. It is still not clear whether it was a small town or a village. Sources also say that the monastery, the remains of which have survived to this day, existed back in the 13-14th centuries;

Sights of Bakhchisaray with a description of 2021 (PHOTO)

Kachi-Kyon cave monastery in the river valley Kacha Yuriy Zhilovets

Church of the Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God

Looking through photos of the sights of Bakhchisaray, stop your attention on the Church of the Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God. It was built in 1913. The date was not chosen by chance. The construction was timed to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty. And the name of the shrine is also closely related to their history. You will definitely learn the latter when visiting the church, especially if you do it as part of an excursion group and accompanied by a guide.

These are not all the sights that you can see in Bakhchisarai. But, even the above list is enough to understand how rich this city is, what value it has for the whole of Crimea. And in order for your trip to be as successful as possible, you need to properly prepare for it. Browse all the interesting objects, make a list of those that you would like to visit. It is especially important to work on the optimal route if your stay in the Crimean city is limited to a few days. It is also worth knowing the price of tickets to the Khan's Palace and other sights of Bakhchisaray with a paid entrance. This will help distribute the budget, eliminate any troubles associated with incomplete awareness.

What are the prices for excursions to the sights of Bakhchisaray

You can travel around the Crimean city on your own. So you can spend as much time as you want to get to know each object. To implement the idea, it is enough just to purchase a map of the city of Bakhchisarai with sights, mark the most interesting places on it.

But, if you are planning a trip to the Crimean town for the first time, if you want to see and learn more, it is better to order anyway one of the many excursions. Diverse offers are presented to your attention, so there will be no problems with the choice.

Sights of Bakhchisarai with description 2021 (PHOTO)

Bakhchisarai Zoo Uk-Kamelot

If you are interested in the prices for excursions to the sights of Bakhchisarai, they depend on such moments:

    the composition of the tour group. The number of people primarily determines the cost of the program; route. There are study tours and thematic ones, for example, on religious monuments or ancient castles. The price also depends on the fullness of the program; way of travel. Tour groups can travel on foot, by car or by a special bus; the duration of the excursion.

Of course, it is best to book individual excursion programs, where all attention is paid only to you. They will be more educational and informative. There are many guides available to provide such services, so finding an escort is no problem.

Sights of Bakhchisarai with description 2021 (PHOTO)

Souvenir market near the Khan's Palace Podzemnik

If you are interested in not only sights, but also entertainment in Bakhchisaray, do not forget about shopping. There are many souvenir shops and pavilions where you can buy locally produced goods that are of high value not only in Crimea, but also abroad. The city is famous for the following types of products:

    wooden products and kitchen utensils; essential oils that are produced at a local factory; herbal balsams produced by the city wine and cognac factory.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit local cafes and restaurants, where you will be offered to try national cuisine. This will allow you to get even closer to the culture and life of the city, the local flavor, to get to know the peculiarities of the Crimean Tatar people.

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