Side in July: holidays on the Mediterranean coast

Summer — a period when you don’t feel like working, sitting in a stuffy office, looking out the window at green landscapes. If all your thoughts are only about relaxing on the sea coast, then do not resist your desires, but quickly take a vacation and book a tour in Side.

An ancient Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast provides its guests with the perfect beach holiday. Moreover, Side is considered a real open-air museum — The city has a lot of historical sights. For those who plan to visit the resort in July, Kidpassage has collected a lot of useful information.

Side in July: holidays on the Mediterranean coast

Holidays in Side in July: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

The resort town of Side has long been chosen by tourists from all over the world. Couples come here, and the elderly, and young people. Here for everyone there is a suitable format of relaxation.

Among the many reviews about holidays in Side in July, it is difficult to catch even the slightest hint of negativity. Most experienced travelers do not skimp on praise. The main advantagesof a July holiday are the following factors:

  • The water in the sea is ideally warmed up. This is the best period for beach relaxation.
  • All tourist and entertainment infrastructure is fully operational.
  • Weather — sunny, dry and windless. Rain and overcast skies won't ruin your resort experience.
  • Many delicious and healthy fruits ripen in Turkey in summer. Pamper yourself and your children with natural natural vitamins.

The resort has plenty of advantages, but let's not keep silent about the cons Side in July. What annoys vacationers most often?

  • It is very hot outside, so it is better to visit the beach and sights in the morning or in the afternoon. Be sure to bring high SPF sunscreen and hats.
  • The cost of a holiday in the middle of summer is one of the highest in the year.
  • Side is crowded during the high season, hotel rooms and tours must be booked several months in advance.

The thermometer marks can reach +40 °C. Tourists with babies, as well as people who do not tolerate heat, are better off postponing their trip to Side until September.

Side Weather in July

Weather in Side in July — August is incredibly hot. It's also the driest season, with zero rainfall in summer, although it's fair to say that a little rain would have come in very handy.

The weather in early July — the most comfortable for rest. The thermometer shows quite high, but not yet record levels. Pleasant breezes blow from the sea, easing the summer heat.

The temperature in Side in mid-July rises significantly. The heat forces people to hide in air-conditioned rooms during the day. However, it is also quite stuffy at night, the evenings no longer bring the expected coolness.

It is quite logical that the weather in Side at the end of July is the least suitable for families with small children. It is during this period that the resort is covered by extreme heat, which is very difficult to endure. Beach holidays have to be limited to morning and evening hours, and it is better to cancel long walks.

Air and water temperature

The local Mediterranean climate ensures long, hot and dry summers. The season lasts here from April to October. Winters in Side are characterized by mildness and increased precipitation.

Air temperature in Side in July

The average day and night temperature in Side in July is +33.8 °C and +24 ,1 °C.

Water temperature in the sea

Already in mid-June, you can swim in the Mediterranean Sea, and by the second summer month, the water warms up to a state of “fresh milk”. The average water temperature is +28.3 °C.


July — one of the driest months of the year. Not a single rainy day is expected in Side. The average rainfall is only 2.8 mm.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

If the — a completely useless accessory on vacation, then here are the sunglasses — an irreplaceable thing. 100% of July are sunny. Tourists do not see cloudy skies at all in the middle of summer.

Beach holidays

Side in July: holidays on the Mediterranean coast

In July, beach holidays in Turkey are in full swing. Where else to escape from the intense heat, if not on the spacious sandy coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The coastal area of ​​Side is divided into West and East beaches.

West is closest to the city center. There are many hotels nearby, whose guests use umbrellas and sun loungers for free in designated areas. All other visitors have to pay for the rent of these beach attributes.

The Western Beach is fenced off from the city part by a walking pedestrian zone. There are cafes, shops and souvenir shops. Vacationers not only swim and sunbathe, but also go in for water sports. For children there are inflatable slides and playgrounds.

The east beach is practically no different from the west. However, there are a little less people on it, since all the hotels are at a decent distance from the coastal area. However, in July, even the most remote parts of the coast are flooded with vacationers.

The coast of Side — perfect place to stay with small children. There is a gentle entrance to the water, the depth increases gradually, and the kids are quite safe splashing in shallow water. In addition, lifeguards are on duty daily during the high season.

Sightseeing tour in Side

Due to the scorching sun and dry weather, July is not a good time for excursions. However, there are so many interesting things in Side and its environs that it is simply impossible to refrain from exploring the city's sights. We will recommend several places worth visiting during your vacation.

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Apollo Temple

Side in July: rest on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

In the 2nd century AD, a monumental building — temple of Apollo. Unfortunately, only ruins remained of it.

The temple was made in the ancient Greek style and finished with white marble. The perimeter of the building was surrounded by 66 columns, but only 5 of them have survived to this day. After the restoration, the remaining columns were able to return to their original appearance.

It is best to visit this place in the evening, as already in early July there is a strong heat, from which there is nowhere to hide. In addition, the lights turn on in the evenings, in the light of the spotlights, the ruins of the temple look especially impressive.

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Nymphaeum Fountain

Side in July: rest on the Mediterranean coast

Another famous architectural landmark of Side — fountain Nymphaeum, located in the old part of the city. The majestic three-story building was the first thing that travelers saw at the entrance to Side. The fountain, 30 m wide and 5 m high, was erected in honor of Emperor Vespasian.

Today, visitors can see only two floors of the fountain and some of the surviving decorative elements. The most valuable details of the Nymphaeum are kept in the city museum. The fountain is of great value to Turkey and is under state protection.

Aspendos Bridge

At the end of July, you can go to the Koprucay River, where you will find another city attraction — arched bridge of Aspendos. The bridge consists of five large stone arches, its height exceeds 5 m, and it extends over 200 m in length.

The peculiarity of the structure is that it looks a little “humpbacked”; — over the years, the bridge's supports have shifted slightly, giving it an imperfect shape. It is also worth noting the incredible landscapes surrounding Aspendos.

Historical sights are unlikely to interest children, and family entertainment is practically absent in the city. To have fun with kids and teenagers, you will have to go to the nearest resorts. Kidpassage recommends visiting the following places:

  • Discovery Park (Manavgat)
  • The Land of Legends Water Park (Belek)
  • Aktur Park (Antalya)
  • Aquaworld (Antalya)
  • Sealanya Sea Park (Alanya)

Holidays, events, festivals

The calendar of holidays in Side in July is not full of red dates. However, entertainment events and concerts take place in the city from time to time, so keep an eye on the events poster.

July 15 — a very important date for the Turks. On this day, the entire population of the country celebrates Day of Democracy and National Unity. In 2016, a military coup was attempted in Turkey. More than 200 people died as a result of military conflicts. This day is an official holiday, and celebrations take place on the streets.

Prices for holidays in July

Prices in Side in July are among the highest in the year, which is quite logical for the peak tourist season. Tours and accommodation, entertainment and goods in the markets — literally everything becomes more expensive here in the summer.

Price of tours

In July, the cost of tours increases by 6% compared to June prices. In August, tour operators slightly reduce the cost of their services. In the last month of summer, tours fall in price by 3–5%.

Flight price

Due to the increase in the number of charter flights, air carriers reduce ticket prices every summer month. In the middle of summer, passengers pay 12% less than at the beginning. In August, flights are cheaper by another 9%.


In the second month of summer, the cost of living in local hotels increases by 4%. In August, rooms become more expensive by another 8%. So, the average daily cost of living in Side hotels in June is 120 euros, in July — 125 euros, and in August — 136 euros.

Tour operators buy blocks of hotel rooms at special prices. It is more profitable for vacationers to buy package tours rather than book rooms directly.

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Food and transfer

Side in July: holidays on the Mediterranean coast

In Side there are places for every budget. Lunch in an inexpensive cafe costs about 20 lire for visitors. A similar meal in an expensive restaurant is already more expensive — from about 50 lire. Be sure to try the street food. It offers the usual hamburgers and french fries, but it is better to give preference to Turkish fast food. The cost varies from 3 to 15 lira.

  • Eating in Side: an overview of traditional dishes and prices in the resort

The public transport system of Side is represented only by dolmush. On such fixed-route taxis, you can not only move within the city, but also get to the surrounding resorts. The ticket price depends on the distance. Tourists also sometimes use taxi services. The calculation takes place according to the counter.

How to dress in Side

Feel free to leave warm clothes at home, because even in the evenings it is quite hot in the resort. Light T-shirts, sundresses, shorts and breeches — here is the right wardrobe for a July holiday in Side. Be sure to take a swimsuit, flip flops and a pareo, because summer — the period of a beach holiday, not a sightseeing holiday.

In addition, take a light shirt made of natural fabric (linen or cotton) with you to cover exposed areas of the body from ultraviolet radiation. Whenever you go out, wear a hat and apply a protective cream on your skin.

Recommendations for holidays with children

Many hotels in Side are designed specifically for families, so guests with kids feel yourself quite comfortable. In the vicinity of the resort there are many entertainments for children of all ages, local beaches are convenient and safe, hotels and cafes have a children's menu. In general, Side can be called a great place for a holiday with children.

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As for the trip in July, it is still better for tourists with babies to refuse to visit and postpone their vacation to spring or autumn. Most likely, in July, the kids will face acclimatization. The summer Turkish heat is clearly not good for the children's body. 

If you still decide to visit Side in July with a small child, then you must strictly observe all precautions: do not go out outdoors at noon, always wear sunscreen, wear light clothing that covers your arms and shoulders, and don't forget your hats.

Before you travel, we advise you to read the Kidpassage article “What to take with you to Turkey: everything you need in one suitcase”. Remember that no matter what time you went on vacation, most importantly — it is a positive attitude and a good mood. And Side will provide you with a lot of impressions.

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