Side in August: delights of the Turkish summer

Just a few decades ago, Turkey became the most popular destination for our tourists. The mild climate, beautiful nature, top-class service and well-developed infrastructure annually attract hundreds of thousands of foreigners here.

Against the backdrop of large resorts, modest but incredibly cozy Side stands out. This city has been nicknamed an open-air museum for the exceptional number of historical sites under state protection.

In the summer, a huge number of people come here who want to see the legendary ancient buildings with their own eyes, swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea and just relax in body and soul. Kidpassage has collected a lot of useful information for you regarding the August holidays in Side.

Side in August: delights of the Turkish summer

Rest in Side in August: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

In summer, the influx of tourists increases exponentially, so you can easily find a lot of reviews about holidays in Side in August. The last month of summer — very busy time in resort towns. This period has a number of peculiar features that not everyone likes. For example, not everyone can endure extreme heat and crowds of tourists. However, let's start with the good and list the main benefitsof a holiday in Side at the end of summer:

  • The Mediterranean Sea is warmed up to the state of “fresh milk”. Adults often complain that the water is not refreshing in extreme heat, but for children the temperature is +30 °С — a big plus.
  • In supermarkets and markets, guests of the city will find a real abundance of fruit.
  • Tourists will not find rain or strong winds.

Side in August has its drawbacks. Moreover, some consare very significant, and because of them, some tourists postpone their vacation to a later time:

  • The city is suffocatingly hot. Elderly people and those who have health problems, as well as vacationers with young children, are better off visiting the resort at the end of summer.
  • Due to weather conditions, sightseeing times and the list of places that can be visited are reduced . We have to give up long walks, and it is safe to visit interesting open-air locations only in the early morning or after lunch.
  • August vacation — the pleasure is not cheap, even the prices for goods on the market are unreasonably high.
  • The resort is crowded with vacationers: wherever you go, there will be crowds of people everywhere.

Weather in Side in August

The weather in Side in August – September is hot and sunny, perfect for beach relaxation. If at the end of summer the sun is still quite aggressive, then by the velvet season there are simply ideal conditions for any type of recreation.

The weather in early August reminds every second that summer is in full swing. The sky is cloudless, the air temperature reaches +40 °C, there is no rain or wind at this time.

The temperature in Side in mid-August is not much different from the indicators in the first decade of the month. Even in the evenings, you should not expect coolness. This is not only the hottest, but also the most dangerous period, because it is very easy to get heatstroke or sunburn.

The weather in Side at the end of August is exactly the same as throughout the month. Temperatures are not expected to drop, as is precipitation. It gets cooler in Side only towards the middle to the end of September.

Be sure to follow the safety rules so as not to suffer from the heat. Always wear a hat and apply a high SPF cream when leaving the hotel. When choosing a place to stay, pay attention to the presence of air conditioning. It is advisable that you always have a bottle of water with you when you go for a walk.

Air and water temperature

The typical Mediterranean climate of the resort contributes to hot summers. The thermometer shows high marks until October. Winters here are cool and wet, and the off-season — soft. It is late spring and early autumn that are considered the best time to relax in Side.

Air temperature in Side in August

The average daily temperature in Side in August is +34.2 °C. In the evening, the thermometer drops to +24.2 °C. During night walks, tourists can afford to wear light summer clothes and not worry that they will freeze. 

Water temperature in the sea

The Mediterranean Sea has thoroughly warmed up and does not even think to cool down. The average water temperature is +29.4 °C. It is not at all surprising that it is difficult to find free space on local beaches. Children enjoy splashing in the sea for hours.


Rains in August — out of the ordinary phenomenon. The number of rainy days is practically zero. Average rainfall — 1.3 mm.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Sunglasses — A trendy accessory during the August holidays. Tourists see a clear clear sky over their heads for 30 days, which is equivalent to 97% of the time of the entire month. The remaining 3% is cloudy.

Beach break

Side in August: charms of the Turkish summer

The coast of Side seems to be created for a family vacation. The beaches are covered with fine clean sand, the entrance to the water is gentle, there are no sharp cliffs and pits at the bottom, the depth grows smoothly, there are no winds, so the sea is almost always calm — children swim here not only comfortably, but also safely.

The urban coastal area is divided into two zones — western and eastern. Both are distinguished by well-developed infrastructure, cleanliness and tidiness, as well as an abundance of entertainment.  The only difference is that due to its remoteness from the center of Side and the small number of hotels nearby, East Beach is usually not so crowded.

Both the western and eastern zones belong to the municipality, so entry is free. Guests of local hotels use sunbeds and umbrellas for free, all other visitors pay for this service. Sun loungers are also available in some beach cafes. By placing an order at the establishment, you can use these attributes of a comfortable stay for free.

Good beaches are also located in the vicinity of Side. So, Sorgun, located 3 km from the center, is popular. Because of the coniferous plantations, the air here is incredibly clean, this is one of the most environmentally friendly regions of the resort. “Sorgun” — a great option for families with children, as you will not find noisy entertainment venues here.

The beaches of «Cholakly» are great for family tourists. (14 km from Side), “Kyzylagach” (15 km) and “Kizilot” (16 km away).

A big minus of a beach holiday in August — pandemonium. Moreover, there are a lot of people both on the city beaches and on the coast of the villages adjacent to Side. To find a free sunbed, you need to leave the hotel early in the morning.

Sightseeing tour in Side

Side in August: charms of the Turkish summer

In Side there are ruins of ancient buildings, as well as the ruins of buildings of great historical significance. At one time, Side was the largest center of the slave trade, and today it has acquired the unofficial title of an open-air museum.

  • Things to do with children in Side

At the entrance to the Old Town, tourists are greeted by the monumental Nymphaeum Fountain, which was previously three-story, but only two floors remain to this day. The columns of the fountain have been preserved in excellent condition.

Passing the fountain, tourists find themselves in an ancient city, which is under the protection of Turkey. Behind the Nymphaeum — the city gates, built in the Hellenistic period, and the so-called street with colonnades. 

Here is also the main shopping area — agora. There was the largest slave market in the Mediterranean, and the beauty of local slaves was legendary. Today, the agora is almost destroyed, only the foundation of the temple of Tyukhe, the goddess of fortune, which is located in the very center of the square, is well preserved.

In early August, plan an early morning excursion to the ancient city. All architectural monuments of antiquity are in the open air, there is nowhere to hide from the midday heat.

Adults certainly will not be bored in Side, which cannot be said about children. If the kids have enough animators in the hotel, playgrounds and inflatable slides, then such a set of entertainment will obviously not be enough for teenagers.

The most interesting places for family holidays are located in neighboring resorts. However, at the end of August, traveling by bus — it's still a pleasure. Therefore, it is better to choose short routes.

First of all, it is worth visiting with children:

  • Sealanya Sea Park (Alanya)
  • The amusement park Land of Legends (Belek)
  • Oceanarium (Antalya)
  • zoo (Antalya)

Holidays, events, festivals

On August 30, the whole country celebrates an important holiday — Day of Victory over the Greek invaders in the struggle for the independence of Turkey. The bloody battle that ended the war was led by Mustafa Kemal. After winning the battle, he was given the name Atatürk, which means “father of the Turks.” On this day, concerts, military parades and ceremonies are held in every city.

In addition to Victory Day, tourists will not find holidays in Side in August. Sometimes the resort hosts various events, the schedule of which can be found in the city's poster.

Prices for holidays in August

Side in August: delights of the Turkish summer

Prices in Side in August are high, but still not the maximum. Many tourists are afraid of the intense heat, but they do not refuse a trip to the resort, as prices at the end of summer are slightly lower than in June and July.

Price of tours

Comparing August with July and September, then it turns out to be the most profitable month for purchasing a tour. At the end of summer, tour operators reduce prices by 6%, and in September the cost increases by 1%.


Just like with tours, the situation is with the flight. In August, the lowest cost of a flight in comparison with the previous and subsequent months. At the end of summer, passengers pay 9% less than in the middle. In September, flights become more expensive by 7%.


In July, accommodation prices are 8% lower than in August. In September, the cost is reduced by 14%. The average daily cost of living in July is 125 euros, in August — 136 euros, and in September — €119.

The average cost of a hotel room when buying a package tour is significantly lower than when booking directly, as tour operators receive special prices for blocks of rooms.

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Meals and transfers

Side in August: delights of the Turkish summer

Turkish street food deserves special attention. Doner kebab, kokorech, kefte, borek — behind all these incomprehensible words lies an incredible taste and variety of ingredients. A snack will cost from 5 to 15 liras — depending on your appetite and the chosen dish.

There are enough cafes in Side so that tourists can find an institution to their taste. The pricing policy depends on the location of the — in cafes with a view of the sea or located in popular tourist places, dishes are more expensive.

On average, the cost of lunch in an inexpensive institution starts from 15 lira. In a higher-class restaurant, you will have to pay significantly more — the minimum check amount is 50 lira.

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As for the public transport, then buses (dolmushi) run in Side. The fare depends on the distance. In addition, the resort has a taxi service. Almost all cars are equipped with meters, according to which payment is made.

How to dress in Side

The city is so hot that tourists prefer to wear a minimum of clothing. There is no question of any jeans, sweaters and sweaters. Therefore, stock up on shorts and T-shirts, dresses and sundresses. Be sure to bring beachwear, flip flops and panama hats for all family members.

Recommendations for families with children

August can hardly be called an ideal time for family pastime. Because of the extreme heat, children cannot avoid acclimatization. In addition, sightseeing holidays during this period is almost impossible. And given that all entertainment locations are outside Side and you have to get to them by bus, then an unattractive prospect looms.

  • Family holidays in Side: Kidpassage guide< /li>

Beach holidays are also limited to evening and afternoon hours. It turns out that most of the time, kids and teenagers spend in an air-conditioned hotel room.

If possible, it is better to postpone the family vacation to September. In the velvet season, the sun is less aggressive, as a result of which the rest is more intense and comfortable.

Surely you want to please your family and friends with a small souvenir from Side. Kidpassage article “What to bring from Turkey as a gift: 40 useful ideas for adults and children” will help you make your choice.

Our portal has collected for you the most useful information about the August Side. We hope that the tips and tricks presented in this article will be useful to you when planning a family vacation.

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