Sentence for inbound tourism in Russia

For inbound tourism Russia's tourism industry was sentenced

Within the framework of retaliatory sanctions, the entry of “citizens from unfriendly countries”, including tourists, into Russia may be restricted. This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to experts, this may lead to the fact that the “solvent” market from the EU and the US will completely close – which they consider a “sentence” for inbound tourism in Russia.

Note that the list of “unfriendly countries” includes the USA, EU countries, as well as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Norway and Australia that “joined them”. Not that in the current conditions, tourists from these countries aspire to Russia, but the whole question is how long the ban will last, experts say.

“In order to respond to the actions of the governments of some countries that are conducting hostile actions, a presidential circular has been adopted, which provides for restrictions on obtaining visas for citizens of these countries. The document is being prepared at the moment,” the head of the Foreign Ministry made such a statement at a meeting organized by the United Russia party.

Experts say that this sounds like a death sentence for inbound tourism, as only Chinese tourists remain among the tourists from “friendly” countries, who are not yet allowed to leave due to the coronavirus. In addition, in the “pre-Covid” times, they were more problems than financial resources, since in fact the Chinese organized their “state within the state” – tourists received their restaurants, hotels, buses and guides, all the profits went not to the Russians, but to the same the Chinese. It is worth noting that the list also did not include India, the countries of the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates and Israel and others – but they did not play a significant role in inbound tourism. And unfriendly countries were, in fact, the main generator of inbound tourist traffic in the Russian Federation.

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