Sell ​​for a penny: Russians fleeing Turkey sell all their property at a discount

Sell for a penny: Russians fleeing Turkey sell all their property at a discount

The Russians who settled in Turkey and their Turkish acquaintances discovered the opportunity to acquire furniture and other necessary things for a penny. They are sold by other Russians – relocants fleeing Turkey, who have not received a residence permit, and are forced to sell all the property acquired in Turkey for a penny. A Russian woman living in Turkey told about this in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to her, problems with issuing a residence permit began to arise among Russians since December 26, but since March 1, as the blogger assures, the situation in Antalya “normalized”, but in all other places mass refusals of residence permits continue. As a result, many are forced to leave, selling for a penny everything they managed to acquire.

“People moved to Turkey with large families, often rented an apartment without furniture, so that the price would be lower and the atmosphere would be cozy. And suddenly, and after 4 months of waiting for a decision on a residence permit, most of them were refused. And so all the chats of Russian-speaking expats were filled with a huge number of ads for the sale of newly purchased furniture from Ikea, brand new appliances, bed linen, etc., ”says the blogger.

According to her, a similar situation was in crisis year 2015 in Thailand. The departing Russians sold everything in a row for a penny, and enterprising people bought it all at a profit. Now in Turkey the situation is the same, which is successfully used by the more fortunate compatriots of failed emigrants. “Just the other day, my friend completely furnished a new large apartment, very successfully picking up furniture in one of these services. The main thing here is to quickly see fresh and relevant ads. They sort everything out instantly, especially the options “I’ll give it for a chocolate bar,” the blogger explains.

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