Sam’s first Father’s Day surprise – The Travel Hack

Sam's First Father's Day Surprise - Travel Hack

On Wednesday night, PhotoBox gave a few lucky dads an amazing opportunity. They gave them the chance to be featured in London’s National Portrait Gallery alongside other fathers such as David Beckham and Henry VIII.

I was in complete disbelief when an email arrived in my inbox asking if I wanted to surprise Sam and feature a portrait of Sam and George in the gallery.

I think my reaction was something like, “Oh, yeah!”

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate what a great dad is, especially on Sam’s first Father’s Day.

Neither Sam nor I had any experience with babies before George was born. While I was in the hospital, the midwife also taught me how to change my baby’s diaper. Everyone gets a little overwhelmed when a baby is born (yes, it’s very overwhelming), but Sam took it amazingly well. I’m sure George saves his biggest smile for his father and laughs like crazy when Sam kisses him with his scratchy beard. It’s so cute.

The last few months have been tough for Sam as he has been working on building our new home. We have been renovating the house since Christmas and Sam is always there in his free time.

Without getting too mushy, this is a big thank you to Sam and George and PhotoBox for giving us this amazing opportunity. They will send us a portrait and it will be a pride of place in our new home!

Sam's First Father's Day Surprise - Travel Hack

After much consideration, we chose this unshot everyday photo. There are more professional shots, but I love this natural shot taken at my parents’ home.

Sam's First Father's Day Surprise - Travel Hack

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