Russians urged to refuse trips to Europe: dangerous reason named

Russians have been urged to stop traveling to Europe: a dangerous reason has been named

“Russians have nothing to do in Europe now,” said Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Head of the International Committee of the Federation Council. He noted that on such trips, Russian tourists may be in danger from Ukrainian refugees and “propagated” Europeans – conflicts are possible from domestic fights to terrorist attacks.

The reason for this opinion, voiced in an interview with, was the situation in Bucharest, where a car crashed into the gates of the Russian embassy and caught fire. The driver died in the car. As it turned out, he was quite a characteristic character – Bogdan Dragich, who received a 15-year sentence for bullying and sexual abuse of his daughter, but since the sentence did not enter into force, he remained at large. The day before, he wrote on social networks that he was “also a Ukrainian,” after which he went to the Russian embassy. The car was believed to contain an improvised explosive device and fuel. None of the staff of the diplomatic mission was injured.

“I would not go to Europe, I say right away. It's not even the governments of those countries. At the most everyday level, conflicts are possible. You know, Ukrainians provoke a lot of conflicts,” the senator said. He noted that even in peacetime, last year, there were provocations: “They did it in Turkey on vacation, they put up fights. The people who, you know, are trying to express their attitude towards Russians in such a base way, primitive in essence, – Dzhabarov said.

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