Russian woman moved to the USA and was surprised by 4 features of the American house

The Russian woman moved to the USA and was surprised by 4 features of the American house

page in Yandex.Zen. Everything concerns mainly “household” differences, such as the size of the kitchen or laundries. It turns out that in this area we have something to be surprised at.

The blogger identified four main features:

  1. Built-in grinder. “Every kitchen in the US has a food waste disposer in the sink. I have never seen a sink in the kitchen without a grinder, ”said the blogger. According to her, it can also be installed in Russia, but this requires additional work, while in America it is supposed to be “by default”. At the same time, the author finds that “the chopper is a really useful thing.”
  2. Big kitchen. “In American homes, the kitchens are just grandiose compared to Russian ones,” the blogger assures, adding that people in the United States also like to “gather in kitchens”, moreover, some organize interest clubs in their homes and meetings are held in the kitchen. Another reason is that most Americans shop for groceries days or weeks in advance. “Therefore, every kitchen in the United States has a large refrigerator, and some even separately purchase a freezer and a special cabinet for storing canned food,” the blogger added.
  3. Bathroom. Her device is also specific. Firstly, a bathroom in American homes is much less common than in Russian ones. “In the US, showering is preferred because it saves time and water. By the way, the American shower is a watering can built into the wall. There is only an opportunity to adjust the direction of the water flow,” the blogger assured. Also associated with the bathroom is the habit of keeping a first aid kit in the bathroom in the nightstand behind the mirror. “It is always located at a sufficient height so that children cannot reach the drugs and harm themselves,” the blogger adds.
  4. Laundries. But there is usually not enough space in the house for a washing machine, in addition, most people think that maintaining such equipment is quite expensive, the blogger writes. Therefore, “in the basement of every apartment building” there are special laundry rooms. And those living in private homes use laundries in the city to wash and dry personal items. According to the Russian woman, this is “quite inconvenient.”

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