Russian woman explains why Germans are treated better in Turkish hotels than Russian tourists

Russian woman explained why Germans are treated better in Turkish hotels than Russian tourists

According to the girl, she got feedback on the different approach to serving guests in Turkish hotels from the many comments on online travel booking sites and comments from vacationers, and also made sure with her own eyes that the Russians themselves spoil everything, because they behave on vacation “in swine.”

Russian tourists are not always welcome because of their coldness, impoliteness and demeanor. So, the Russian woman gave a specific example of how she noticed an elderly European tourist and Russian women with children in the queue for ice cream. If the first one, with a full-mouthed smile, behaved politely with the waiter: she said hello and wished a good day, then the Russian ladies stood, as if in a queue at the municipal registry, where you need to be ready to defend your own if something happens, even if you have to enter into a skirmish .

“The first speech was sharp and loud: “Give it. Misha, what will you be? Well? Show me!” Then both women uttered the word “this” menacingly several more times, poking a finger at the ice cream. They took the treats in silence, turned around and left the waiter with disgruntled faces,” she said about what she saw.

Or another case: “The German says: “Good evening! Two beers, please!” and thanks! Have a nice day”. He will also exchange a few words with the waiter – he will find out how he is doing. Following him, the Russian says: “Pour beer. Two! Who will the waiter smile at? To whom a little later will he come up and offer to repeat the drink? Waiters are people too! They are not soulless robots,” the traveler asked rhetorically.

The different style of service in Turkish hotels is not in nationality, she noted, but in the upbringing and type of interaction that tourists choose on vacation. According to the blogger, angry comments about a bad attitude are left by boors and those who “think that in hotels they should kiss their heels simply because they bought a ticket.”

At the same time, another experienced traveler expressed her opinion about what is happening on vacation: “Depends on the hotel. But most often, if you speak German, everything is done faster, better, glass cups suddenly appear on the beach instead of plastic cups, and the staff will personally bring sunbeds with mattresses. It is unprofitable to speak German in shops and markets: prices immediately increase. But, truth, and interest to the buyer falls. It’s just that the Germans immediately complain to the tour operator about poor service, and give a tip for good service. And the tourists are right: chain hotels really pay less attention to the nationality of the guests.”

Among the Russians there are many polite and friendly vacationers, the author of the material reassured: “I have met Russian tourists more than once who smiled at the waiters and thanked them. Many try to speak Turkish with the hotel staff, which is also always welcome. And they, believe me, will never leave negative reviews. Because good-natured people are always treated well. Whatever nationality they may be.”

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