Russian tourists were told how to behave in Egypt in April 2022

Russian tourists were told how to behave in Egypt in April 2022

On April 2, Muslims in Egypt began the holy holiday of Ramadan. This is a fasting time that will last for a month. “For Muslims, this is a month of spiritual purification and prayer,” recalled a Russian woman living in the country of the pyramids. How to behave during this special period and what can change for tourists who come to rest, she told on the Yandex.Zen channel.

During Lent, Muslims do not eat, do not drink water and do not smoke from dawn to sunset. Or rather, from the call to the morning prayer (prayer) “fajr” to the call to the night prayer “Maghrib”.

“The meaning of fasting lies in the desire of every Muslim to strengthen his faith, rethink his lifestyle, set priorities, determine life values, achieve spiritual growth through abstinence and daily prayer. Muslims treat Ramadan with great respect, and as soon as the sun touches the horizon, for 30 days their life will be subject to strict laws,” the author specified.

What awaits tourists in Egypt at this time?

According to her, within a month everything will go on as usual and, by and large, tourists will not feel the changes. Tourists are advised to observe the traditions of Egypt and behave decently.

The local way of life and institutions adjust to Ramadan. Trade and government institutions are changing their mode of operation, “coordinating it with the necessary religious rituals.” All important things are done after lunch and before sunset.

“The holy month of Ramadan is a great opportunity for tourists to taste national dishes at significant discounts, and in some cases even for free,” the Russian woman said, referring to holding cultural events.


Taxis and public transport continue to operate even at sunset.


Restrictions that adhered to by hotel staff, will not affect tourists. The menu and meal times will remain the same as on normal days.


“True Muslims generally refuse to sell alcoholic beverages, it is almost impossible to get it in stores these days. The local population is more focused and a bit nervous. Maybe you will notice sidelong glances if you publicly consume alcoholic beverages … ”, the Russian woman explained and added that hotel bars and restaurants are among the exceptions.


It is not recommended for tourists to wear revealing clothes, since there can also be sidelong glances about uncovered parts of the body. “The female half is advised to behave modestly and avoid defiant outfits and short skirts. For men, too, there is a rule of modest clothing. It is not recommended to distract, take photos/videos or engage in dialogue with those who are praying,” the Russian woman reminded.

The basic rules are as follows:

  1. Do not refuse an invitation to an evening meal.< /li>
  2. “You can take sweets or flowers as a gift to the host.”
  3. “Greet the locals with a Ramadan Kareem greeting, trust me, they will appreciate it.”
  4. “Don't forget before dinner, wish the owner and his family members peace and prosperity.
  5. “Do not leave the refectory table immediately after the end of the meal, it is a bad tone for Muslims.”
  6. Show maximum respect for the locals and for believers who make a religious fast.
  7. Do not use obscene language that offends and obscene gestures.
  8. Avoid quarrels.
  9. Do not hug or kiss in public. “This rule applies in Egypt all the time, but especially in Ramadan,” the Russian woman reminded tourists.

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