Russian tourists turned off the beach in Phuket into the jungle and experienced a shock

Russian tourists turned off the beach in Phuket into the jungle and experienced a shock

After relaxing on Nai Thon Beach, located on the resort island of Phuket, a couple of Russian tourists went to the hotel on an unfamiliar route and ended up in the jungle. Fortunately, they were found late in the evening of the same day. The shocked travelers were injured, but were glad to be saved.

The incident occurred last Tuesday, March 21, according to Phuketnews. 37-year-old Alexander S. and 40-year-old Ekaterina S. got lost in the Sirinat National Park, where tourists usually go as part of an excursion and with a guide. The tourist police connected a couple of employees of the reserve to the search. According to them, at the time of receiving the message about the missing Russians, they could be located halfway between the beaches of Nai Thon and Nai Yang. During the search activities, a team of 12 people found lost tourists near the rocks in the Khao Sai Khu area at 00:50 at night.

Travelers dressed only in shorts and T-shirts, i.e. not for a walk in the tropical jungle, they were frightened and managed to get hurt during their wanderings. In addition, one of them had a leg injury. The Russians were taken to a safe place and given first aid, and then taken to the hospital.

As it turned out, the compatriots got lost after walking along the Nai Yang beach, and then decided to head south through the jungle to the Khao Sai Khu area. “They got lost, stayed in the forest until dusk and could not find a way out, so they contacted the tourist police and asked for help,” explained Sorasak. U, available for download on Google Play and the App Store. The app is in English and Thai and is linked to the 1155 Tourist Police Emergency Response Center.

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