Russian tourists rushed to Italy and Greece, having learned to bypass sanctions

Russian tourists flocked to Italy and Greece, having learned to circumvent sanctions

Russian wealthy tourists flocked to Italy and Greece, having learned to circumvent sanctions: a significant revival is recorded in these directions. This information was published by ATOR, referring to the experience and sales statistics of the tour operator PAC Group.

In general, according to experts, the recovery in the premium segment is noticeable precisely in the areas of Italy and Greece. Interestingly, even the middle segment began to consider Italy – they again began to buy group tours well, they began to book 3 * hotels more often. Although, of course, wealthy tourists are in the lead.

This is partly facilitated by the fact that Italy has maintained a sane visa policy, moreover, it has become easier to apply for a visa, it has become freer in the visa centers, as a result, on April 13, the nearest deadline for applying to the visa center was on April 19. At the same time, the documents are under consideration at the consulate for 2-3 weeks. The cost of a visa is really more expensive than “in the old days” – 165 euros, but in winter it cost 190 euros. The only difficulty is the package of documents for obtaining a visa must include a bank statement for the last three months. It is also possible to obtain a long-term visa – first of all, for those tourists who have repeatedly entered Italy on previous long-term visas.

The main route offered to tourists to enter the country is through Yerevan. From there there are flights to Rome, Milan, Venice. Rome – daily, Venice and Milan – 2-3 times a week, depending on the month. In second place is Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.

Family wealthy Russians have also become interested in Greece. At the same time, the complexity of the road “extended” the duration of the rest, since those tourists who used to fly for five days now can no longer afford it, and choose tours for two to three weeks.

As for visas, then apply documents for a visa to Greece are better in a month, consideration – 15 working days, cost 140 euros and issue it for the duration of the trip. The package of documents must contain an extract from the bank on the movement of funds for the last three months, or a certificate from the place of work. Greece does not have strict requirements for the amounts on the accounts.

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