Russian tourists in Australia were shocked, listing the disadvantages of staying

Russian tourists in Australia were shocked by listing the disadvantages of their stay

Domestic travelers who arrived in Australia stated about the disadvantages of staying in this country. They shared their shocking discoveries on the Yandex.Zen channel.

The first thing that angered travelers was the high prices for everything except food, chemicals and clothes. Traveling even inside an Australian city is not cheap for budget travelers who earn money in Russia. And this turned out to be expensive:

  1. Public transport. “It costs a lot of money, more than in Dubai. For example, a city bus one way from 4 local dollars (about 250 rubles). It is worth noting, however, that the ticket is valid for 2 hours, so you can go as far as possible, or, if close and fast, then you can make it back in time, and for the whole day the ticket costs from 500 rubles,” the author complained and added, that the price of a ticket for intercity buses and trains is about the same: 300 km of travel costs 5 thousand rubles.
  2. Hotels. The price for daily accommodation in local hotels starts from 5 thousand rubles, so the tourists decided to live in a tent in various parks.

The second is “the inaccessibility of everything around.” “We now live 30 km from the city center, and this is quite normal, as the locals like everyone to have their own separate house, so their cities here stretch for many, many kilometers. But another problem is that we are about 15 km from the nearest store, yes, there are relatively few supermarkets here on the scale that we are used to in Russia, for example, where there are Magnito and Pyaterochka at every step,” the traveler added and explained the problem of the inaccessibility of civilization by high land prices. — It is usually unprofitable to open an extra supermarket, which will only constantly bring losses. The inaccessibility of supermarkets is very annoying.”

Third, buses and taxis do not run on the periphery. The blogger explained this moment as unprofitable for organizations involved in passenger transportation.

Fourthly, communication difficulties due to Australian English. Local people pronounce words, especially vowels, and also use other features in intonation, so the Russians could not understand half of the Australians they came across.

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